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Training Programs Series for Middle Managers at Maison RMI Hanoi

Last October, Maison Hanoi members had the opportunity to attend two courses “Enhancing Management Skills For Mid-Level Managers” and “Communication Skills”, organized by the L&D department.

This is the first series of training programs organized for office staff and store managers in Hanoi. The goal is not only to create a spiritual connection at work but also to emphasize improving the knowledge and professional skills of Maison staff.

After Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi is the next milestone where the Effective Communication Skills Course comes and spreads its mission of helping members achieve their goals in the communication process. The course includes 2 classes, taking place on October 5th and October 12, to ensure the full attendance of members.


In the communication course, students understand three basic technical elements to convey messages: words, voice and body language. Besides, thanks to the exciting group discussion and icebreaker activity, the distance between students becomes closer and that is also one of the goals achieved through effective communication.

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For the two Enhancing Management Skills For Mid-Level Managers classes held on October 6–7th and October 13–14th, middle managers are given experience on how to plan and organize implementation as well as effective mentoring skills. In addition, there are indispensable soft skills as a manager, such as questioning, observing and listening skills.

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A good manager is one who properly recognizes and evaluates the abilities of subordinates and assigns work to the right people. In this course, lecturer Ngo Hoang Minh shared how to effectively monitor and evaluate work so that employees can be classified correctly.


Throughout the series of training programs shared by lecturer Ngo Hoang Minh, Maison RMI hopes that members will gain useful knowledge from which to lay a solid foundation for their own careers.

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– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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