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Triumph And FILA Cambodia Landed Simultaneously At AEON Mall Mean Chay In The First Month Of 2024

After the successful opening of the first store in Sen Sok City, Triumph quickly followed up with the second store at AEON Mall Mean Chey in the same month. In addition, FILA also made its presence here just one day later. 

1. Triumph 

Triumph – A famous lingerie brand from Germany, established in 1886, has captured the love of women worldwide and is now present in Cambodia. In January 2024, Triumph made a breakthrough in Cambodia by consecutively opening two stores in popular shopping centers. 


Triumph is now present at AEON Mall Mean Chey – the largest AEON Mall in Cambodia currently


A diverse range of colors and styles to meet every girl’s preference 

In addition to a focus on products, Triumph brings the desired vision that all women can comfortably live true to themselves and creates a memorable shopping journey by conveying inspirational messages about diversity and suitability. 


FILA is a famous sportswear brand that was founded in 1911 in Italy. FILA’s products include clothing, footwear, and sports fashion accessories with a dynamic and youthful street style. FILA has launched at AEON MALL Phnom Penh, Sen Sok and Prince Mall before and FILA AEON Mall Mean Chay is the 4th store in the country.


FILA officially joined AEON Mall Mean Chay on January 29, located on the ground floor of the center

Not only featuring eye-catching and easy-to-wear daily designs, FILA’s products also provide comfort for customers. Therefore, up to now, the brand has solidified its position in the global fashion scene.


FILA Disruptor, FILA Ray, FILA Venom,… are the sought-after shoe models among the fashion lovers 

Beautiful designs, high durability, and affordable prices are the factors that have kept FILA standing strong in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts throughout the years. Currently, in addition to clothing and shoes, FILA’s fashion accessories are quite diverse, including eyewear, roller skates, golf equipment, and more.

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