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Triumph Enters Southeast Asia Market, Opens First Store In Cambodia

On January 16, 2024, Triumph made its international debut at the opening event of its first store in neighboring, Cambodia. 

Triumph is a German brand specializing in the design and manufacture of women’s lingerie, exerting significant influence in the market. With nearly 140 years of establishment and development, Triumph has gained the trust of women, becoming a benchmark for the style and quality of lingerie. 


Having planned in advance, Triumph’s officially arrived in Cambodia in early 2024, delighting the women in this country 

Established in 1886 in Heubach, in the German kingdom of Württemberg, the factory had only 6 workers and 6 sewing machines. Despite many ups and downs, the brand has stood firm in the hearts of women and expanded internationally. 

The founders decided to name the brand “Triumph” in 1902, drawing inspiration from the Arch de Triomphe in Paris. The brand also pioneered innovations in front-fastening wire-free bras that could replace shoulder straps, a design that continues to be used today. 


Now, women who love Triumph can comfortably visit the official store and chose both safety and convenience 

Made from high-quality cotton material, Triumph underwear has excellent stretchability and elasticity. Additionally, they provide a comfortable and breathable feeling when sweating or moving. 


Triumph always keeps up with trends and understands women’s favorite designs by always launching designs that are trendy, stylish but no less sophisticated 

Besides prioritizing quality and comfort for the wearer, the brand also offers a variety of designs and colors to satisfy every taste and age group, even the most demanding. Not only made from premium materials, Triumph pays attention to every stitch detail. The padding of the bra is made from natural cotton or pure rubber, enhancing the ability to prevent breast cancer compared to conventional bras. 


The designs impress with easy-to-wear tones 

Shopping address: 1st floor, lot T112, Triumph AEON MALL Sen Sok City. 

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