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What’s Interesting At Maison RMI Office On International Women’s Day?

In response to International Women’s Day, Maison RMI office in Ho Chi Minh City secretly prepared some small surprises to give to our female staff. At Maison, there are many female employees, and half of the Board of Directors are also women, so Maison places great emphasis on benefits and brings joy to the women of the company.

Maison RMI

On the morning of March 8th, the second floor of the office was crowded with all the girls gathering to enjoy the tea and cakes that the HR team had prepared early in the morning

Maison RMI

The HR department has carefully prepared and organized beforehand so that everyone can enjoy a morning filled with the fragrant aroma of a “cake buffet” featuring items such as cream puffs, cupcakes, brownies, panna cotta, and more

Maison RMI

Each lady can freely own a mini coconut with the Maison logo on it

Maison RMI

Good morning on International Women’s Day with beautiful flowers dedicated to beautiful ladies

Not overly flashy, Maison RMI conveys care and love for all the ladies through cozy gatherings and fragrant flower bouquets. On every occasion like this, Maison always thinks and finds ways for our ladies to enjoy and relax after stressful and tiring working hours.

Maison RMI

Hope that every girl at Maison RMI not only on International Women’s Day but every day are always cheerful and happy

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