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Warm Atmosphere at Maison RMI on Vietnamese Women’s Day

Maison RMI was filled with a cheerful atmosphere, bright smiles, and joyous moments,… on the morning of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October 20th.

On Vietnamese Women’s Day, HR team collaborated with Corporate Communications team at Maison RMI Ho Chi Minh City organized a small party to express gratitude to all the ladies in Maison. Some fun activities like a small tea break, a backdrop for check-in to receive gifts, and mini-games with prizes, etc took place making the girls very excited.

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Teabreak party includes various tempting pastries and hot tea, attracting the attention of many Maison’s member  in the early morning

In order to create a perfect party, organizers have prepared various stages early on, including setting up backdrops, meticulously packaging gifts, displaying presents, and more. Particularly, small stone lotus pots contain adorable messages such as cute, sexy, majestic, happy, pretty, etc for the girls to freely choose according to their preferences. Besides, Maison has devotedly prepared gifts customized with the names of each lady.

Maison RMI Maison RMI

In order, organizers will arrange the female members of each department to receive gifts at the backdrop. Male members will represent Maison RMI to deliver the gifts and send their best wishes to their female colleagues.

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These lovely gift boxes are filled with dedication, replacing the words of Maison RMI’s best wishes for our hardworking and dedicated female colleagues. Each gift box is individually labeled with the name of each female member and is wrapped with all our love and appreciation. After receiving the gifts, each department will take a photo check-in at the backdrop to commemorate this unforgettable memory.

Maison RMI Maison RMI

To add a touch of creativity and uniqueness, the girls will stick a sticker with their names on the backdrop behind them, as a way of marking themselves as an indispensable part of the Maison’s extended family.

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Not stopping there, Maison RMI cooperated with Standard Chartered Bank to organize a mini game with prizes not only for women but also for men of Maison. The prizes in order are travel suitcase, headphones, stuffed bear, and umbrella. Members gathered in large numbers at the event location and enthusiastically participated. The lucky winners couldn’t hide their joy and excitement.

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Maison RMI hopes that the small celebration to honor Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th will serve as a source of motivation and a refreshing boost for the spirits of the Maison girls, helping you to have moments of relaxation and happiness after a string of hard working days.

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