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On Vietnamese Women’s Day, Maison RMI Gave Surprise Gifts to Women Instead of Thousands of Wishes

Opening a meaningful day with a celebratory mood on October 20th, Maison RMI unexpectedly gave some small gifts to the women of the company. In addition, Maison’s brands including: Coach, Weekend MaxMara, and MAX&Co. also sent baskets of fresh flowers and greeting cards to customers on this special day of the year.

Behind the success and sustainable development of Maison RMI is the contribution of many brave, intelligent, and hardworking women. By means of their unique ability to constantly innovate, and the dynamic spirit of each individual in the company, it has achieved proud results.

Therefore, on the occasion of October 20th – the day honoring Vietnamese Women, Maison RMI has expressed its respect for the relentless efforts of women over the last year.

A suitable gift is an appropriate way to show respect to a woman. Understanding that, Maison RMI has given more than 100 gifts to female employees of the company. Maison women are hard-working and always try their best in their work. Their persistent dedication plays an important role in the success and position of the Maison RMI company today.

They happily received attractive gifts from famous brands such as Havaianas and The Body Shop.

Everyone was extremely satisfied with the first gift received on Vietnamese Women’s Day from Maison RMI.

The atmosphere was bustling and jubilant as everyone took advantage of saving memories with colleagues and showing the  gifts in their hands.

The gift delivery team eagerly pushed the car full of gifts to the desk, hand-delivering each gift to the female employees.

Brands represented by Maison such as: Coach, Weekend MaxMara, and MAX&Co also gave fresh flower baskets and greeting cards to customers with the hope that these gifts might adorn their special day more brilliantly.

Coach gave carefully and stunning decorated bags of fresh flowers to customers.

A beautiful flower basket with a romantic pink color as a sweet wish was presented exclusively for MAX&Co. customers.

Maison RMI would like to wish the other half of the world a warm October 20th and hope that every day that comes to you will be as happy as Vietnam’s special day honoring women.

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –