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Summer 2023 Fashion Trends Update For Sales Staff At CHARLES & KEITH And PEDRO

The summer vibe at Maison RMI has become more exciting than ever with the “Fashion Trends Summer 2023 Training Course” exclusively for CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO staff. The program took place over 10 days, from 11/04 to 20/04, attracting many participants.

Trends and Seasons are two key elements for any fashion brand. Thus, Maison RMI’s L&D department, an abbreviated term for ‘Learning & Development’ is part of the Human Resources department and is responsible for supporting and training staff to ensure performance and promote the ability of the staff, in conjunction with two brands; CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO, organized the “Fashion Trends Training Course Summer 2023” in order to update the latest knowledge and fashion trends for the sales team.

Running over 10 days, the training course caught much attention from participants. To keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and guide staff on how to effectively apply them to consulting clients, the training content consists of 3 main parts:

  • Ready-to-wear (RTW) fashion trends in Summer 2023
  • Top 7 summer trends with lively styles and colors
  • The brand’s latest summer 2023 collection

Summer 2023 Fashion Trends Update For Sales Staff At CHARLES & KEITH And PEDROThe training was successful thanks to the content of the lessons integrated into hypothetical activities and intuitive games that are extremely easy to understand.

The first topic – RTW Summer 2023 Fashion Trends gave the staff new knowledge about 4 RTW fashion trends this summer including definition, application, material, style Designs, accessories, typical textures and layouts.

Summer 2023 Fashion Trends Update For Sales Staff At CHARLES & KEITH And PEDROThis is a valuable opportunity for the staff to update the latest RTW fashion trends, including Kitchen body, Maximal minimalist, Glam sensuality and Sleep Leisure.

The second topic – Top 7 summer trends with lively styles and colors, giving participants basic knowledge about colors, materials, shoe soles, etc. that will be favored this summer. The lesson was extremely attractive with practical knowledge combined with exciting minigames, provoking a lot of excitement for learners.

In the third topic – the brand’s latest summer 2023 collection, participants were able to explore the design inspiration of each collection released by the brand this summer. As a result, they now understand more about the design and color of the product to build a mix & match mindset for a more trendy outfit.

Summer 2023 Fashion Trends Update For Sales Staff At CHARLES & KEITH And PEDROThe participants with the best performance in the training session are rewarded at the end of each session.

Summer 2023 Fashion Trends Update For Sales Staff At CHARLES & KEITH And PEDROThrough this program, participants can access the latest fashion information, thereby becoming more confident in consulting and selling.

The course received many positive reviews from participants. Trang Le (trainer in the Hanoi market) shared: “This year’s summer fashion trend is more about bright colors… but breaking the way in fashion. Choose very close materials. This contrast brought excitement to the participants. This promises that the collections launched this summer will be welcomed and soon become a craze in the fashion world.”

In addition, the teaching style this year has many innovations with many activities, arousing enthusiasm amongst participants. Notable activities can be mentioned such as: creating sets based on available costumes and accessories, and interesting mini-games to help participants quickly remember knowledge. Overall, I find this year’s course very successful and well-received. Thanks to that, the L&D department has more motivation to create more interesting courses to share with all participants from brands.”

By organizing many different training courses, Maison RMI aims to improve professional qualifications and service skills not only for the two brands CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO but also for the entire store system under the company to bring customers the best shopping experience.

Contributing to the success of this course, Kim Phuong, Phuong Khanh and Quynh Trang are the three L&D representatives who have developed and brought the 2023 Summer Fashion Trends training series to become more attractive and vibrant with many interesting and useful activities.

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