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Maison RMI Continuously Upgrades its Multi-Brand Store Management Team

Not only actively expanding its market, but Maison RMI also invests heavily in its priceless asset, its people. The latest example of this is the training course on paired skills and on-site training for managers of famous international fashion brands.

As part of the July 2023 training program, the paired skills and on-site training course consisting of 3 classes took place on July 17th, 27th, and 28th, dedicated to store management staff was highly successful.

The training course was attended by 53 representatives from major fashion brands under Maison RMI, including CHARLES & KEITH, PEDRO, MLB, NERDY, and PUMA, along with a team of trainers with expertise and practical experience.

Training workshop in Ha Noi

This upgraded training course provides students with in-depth knowledge and is integrated with many simulated situations and useful practical activities

In reality, this is not the first time that the CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO teams have participated in this training course, but for NERDY, PUMA, and MLB managers, it is a completely new and exciting experience.

Training workshop in Ha Noi

New representatives from PUMA, MLB, and NERDY showed great enthusiasm for this new and exciting learning experience

Maison RMI held training working in Ha Noi

Learners have the opportunity to directly solve problems through continuous activities during the training course

This training course is an opportunity for managers to equip themselves with the fundamental knowledge and skills to carry out training for all store employees, optimize work efficiency, and contribute to revenue and business efficiency for each brand under the Maison RMI system.

Maison RMI held training workshop in HCMC

Maison RMI held training workshop in HCMC

With a cheerful attitude, preparing early to be ready with full of energy, both trainers and learners actively built a successful and meaningful learning session

In addition to strengthening management capacity for learners, this training course also has a deep connection meaning. Participation in the class with the full convergence of major brands has created a environment for exchange, sharing, and mutual learning, thereby building a healthy and developing Maison learning community.

Aiming for continuous development and expansion, the L&D team of Maison RMI continuously improves and designs many high-quality training programs not only for CHARLES & KEITH but also for other brands under Maison RMI.

Maison RMI held training workshop in Ha Noi

With the enthusiastic support and guidance of trainers Kim Phuong (Hanoi) and Phuong Khanh (Ho Chi Minh City), Maison RMI’s management team will undoubtedly gain their own unique assets in managing and operating stores

Maison RMI held training workshop in HCMC

The course was successful, receiving a lot of positive feedback from learners

With the desire to build a team of personnel always equipped with knowledge, skills, and confidence in their work, Maison RMI promises to organize many more impressive training activities. Stay tuned!

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