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Recognizing Top Customer Experience CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO Stores in 2023

After more than 20 years, Maison RMI is proud to be one of the leading retail fashion brands in Vietnam. Maison RMI always prioritizes customer experience as its top priority and sees this as one of the key factors determining its success. 

A culture that places customers at the center is the guideline that determines whether customers return and become loyal supporters. Moreover, satisfied customers often shop more and introduce the brand to new customer bases, helping to increase sales and revenue. 

Focusing on enhancing the customer experience, the CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO store systems have been heavily invested in by Maison RMI to train staff and design convenient shopping spaces. To honor outstanding stores that have successfully fulfilled their mission, the Customer experience department of Maison RMI organized a project to commend the stores with the best customer experiences in 2023. The stores were evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  1. CSAT score (Customer Satisfaction): Customers refer to the survey by scanning the QR code or receiving notifications from the Maison Online application and rate the shopping experience. 
  2. NPS score (Net Promoter Score): Customers participate in a survey of their willingness to recommend the product to relatives and friends, developed via the Maison Online application and email. 
  3. Complaint reports from the Customer Service department: Decoding stores received no complaints about service issues and staff attitudes. 
  4. Evaluation scores from the Mystery Shopping 2023 project conducted by the Customer Experience department: Based on criteria related to the customer purchasing experience. 
  5. Store Visit Checklist rating score by the L&D team: The L&D department directly visits the store, observes, and scores based on standards from CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO. 


Based on the 5 criteria above to evaluate all 32 CHARLES & KEITH stores and 25 PEDRO stores, Maison RMI has selected the best-performing stores: 

Congratulations to the top 03 stores of CHARLES & KEITH: 

Congratulations to the top 03 stores of PEDRO: 

These achievements are not only evidence of the tireless efforts of each individual but also reflect the vision and strategic direction of the entire company. Revenue figures are not enough to talk about a successful store, but also other factors such as commitment, passion, and innovation in customer service. Maison RMI aims to create a positive working environment where each employee and each store prioritizes customer culture. 

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