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High Quality Learning Experience For Future Leadership At PEDRO And CHARLES & KEITH

Towards the mission of “Providing customers with an international standard of service experience”, PEDRO And CHARLES & KEITH constantly improve service quality with training courses for its sales team.

With its current non-stop development, Maison always pays attention to upgrading its operational apparatus, especially the updates in the training process of the core team (Brand Manager, Duty Manager, Senior Manager, etc) of the PEDRO and CHARLES & KEITH brand.

The L&D Department*, which operates under the management company PEDRO and CHARLES & KEITH, in association with the L&D department of Maison company, organized a training course for the leadership team to comprehensively train in three aspects of “thinking – knowledge – skills” taking place in both major cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

*L&D, is the Abbreviated for of ‘Learning & Development’, which operated under the Human Resources department, performs the role of supporting and training at the enterprise to ensure employees promote their capabilities and meet job requirements

This course not only equips the staff with important skills and knowledge, but also trains them in open-mindedness / adaptation to new changes according to the goals set by Maison. The training course takes place over three days with two main focuses: GROWTH MINDSET and GUESTS & OJTI (On Job Training Instructor).

On the first day, learners will be equipped with an open mind to receive new knowledge through the GROWTH MINDSET content. The training process is integrated into many visual activities to create cohesion and openness among students, such as ice-breaking and team building. In particular, students are also encouraged to express their own views. Through the presentation of topics taking place in the course PEDRO and CHARLES & KEITH staff will improve their emotional intelligence (EQ) and know how to apply a growth mindset to their future work plans.

Ice-breaking and team building activities.

The class is extremely interesting 

After learning about the growth mindset, students will be provided with service process knowledge through the GUESTS & OJTI course. On the second day, learners will be updated with new knowledge about sales and customer service/customer experience processes, and learn how to impart new ideas and skills to junior staff to build and develop their team. Training issues are deepened and broadened in perspective through group discussion activities to help the PEDRO and CHARLES & KEITH team practice the necessary skills in the process of bringing products to their customers.

Group discussion activities: GUESTS & OJTI.

On the last day, the trainees were able to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned in practice at PEDRO and CHARLES & KEITH stores. The management level also has the opportunity to practice the skills of guiding and imparting to their subordinates the knowledge they learned to build the successor team.

Students practiced at the store.

Post-training satisfaction survey.

Maison especially listens to staff when encouraging trainees to share their feelings about their experience throughout the entire training course. Most of the students were satisfied with the useful teaching content combined with many visual activities to help the staff train and develop their inherent skills to become better. With this successful cooperation, in the future, Maison and PEDRO and CHARLES & KEITH will implement more activities to continuously improve the quality of their customer service and sales process.

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –