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Recently, Maison RMI received much feedback from customers/readers about being approached by fake companies using fake identity to recruit personnel, models, etc. More seriously, according to the latest information, the scammers are targeting to recruit child models – the ones that need special attention and protection.

Under the systematic and sophisticated deception tricks, the subjects posted many articles on fake Maison platforms, accompanied by documents related to committing tasks, offering benefits, and showing stamps; all designed to deceive customers who need jobs.

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Maison RMI is officially issuing warning notice to all customers/readers:

👉 MAISON RMI does not have any policy on hiring models online.

👉 MAISON RMI does not have any policy that requires individuals to transfer purchases, refunds, and receive commissions. 

👉 MAISON RMI does not have any policy that requires individuals to register online and request a deposit. 

👉 MAISON RMI does do not have any policy that requires job seekers to pay a fee to get job offers.

👉When/If Maison RMI recruits you, you will receive a signed commitment to work, including confidentiality terms.

If you encounter any form of scam to appropriate money using the name of Maison RMI, please be vigilant and do not follow the instructions.

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– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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