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Interesting Facts Related To Working In The Human Resources Department At Maison RMI

For more than 20 years, Maison RMI has achieved impressive development milestones in the Vietnamese fashion market, which are the efforts of more than 1,000 talented employees contributing to Maison RMI’s success. In particular, the Human Resources Department is a “bridge” between Maison RMI and the staff.

Not only responsible for recruiting and developing human resources, the Human Resources Department also plays an important role in business operations. Let’s find out more interesting perspectives of Human Resources staff at a fashion company like Maison RMI!

Interesting Facts Related To Working In The Human Resources Department At Maison RMI

1. Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Lan (C&B Specialist): The motivation to develop a welfare policy

As a C&B Specialist, Ms. Tuyet Lan shared: “In my opinion, Human Resources not only revolves around paperwork and management but also involves related interesting categories. That’s why I love this position.

What makes me love my job the most is seeing the employees being satisfied with the company’s regime and the benefits they receive. The joy of the staff spreads to me and makes me feel very happy. That is also the motivation for me to develop better welfare policies in the future.

After many years of working at Maison RMI, I believe that Maison RMI is the ideal workplace for young people in general, and those who are pursuing a career in the Human Resources industry in particular. It can be said that Maison RMI always offers attractive welfare policies to ensure the interests of employees. For me, Maison RMI plays a huge role in my career development journey, as well as helping me to fully understand and shape my own fashion style.

If you are still struggling to find a “stop”, come to Maison RMI, which gathers many job opportunities from many different industries. Above all, as long as you have passion and effort, Maison RMI will always create opportunities for you to challenge and develop yourself.”

Interesting Facts Related To Working In The Human Resources Department At Maison RMI

2. Nguyễn Lan Anh (General HR Specialist): Recruitment is also challenging

Sharing about the difficulties in recruitment, Ms. Lan Anh said:For me, working in the Human Resources Department is an interesting job because I have the opportunity to meet and interact with many talented employees and candidates. Not only encapsulating office work, at Maison RMI, I also have the opportunity to approach and gain a deeper understanding of the volatile fashion market. What makes me love this job the most is the positive, friendly working environment, which respects open communication and cohesion among employees.

However, being a recruiter is not an easy job. Taking on the role of recruiting potential candidates, the initial challenge that I encountered was the number of vacancies at the company more than before because Maison RMI is implementing the goal of expanding its share of the market. However, Maison RMI and colleagues have accompanied me through. At Maison RMI, I was trained and had the opportunity to develop myself from there to find my strengths.

Through personal experience, I hope that young people pursuing Human Resources can find themselves a good environment to develop. Take advantage of all your strengths in communication, and make an effort to learn new skills to develop yourself and your career later.”

Interesting Facts Related To Working In The Human Resources Department At Maison RMI

3. Lê Thị Phương Dung (Payroll Specialist): Recruitment also requires absolute accuracy

Recruitment also requires working with numbers. Ms. Phuong Dung shared: Employment at the Human Resources Department not only revolves around finding and recruiting potential employees, but also requires management skills. In this position, I have a lot of responsibility related to the management of “numbers” such as timekeeping, salary calculation, and making cost reports by salary, etc. These are all jobs that require concentration and accuracy, in order to avoid errors affecting the interests of employees and the company.

However, for me, it is not because of leaning toward data management that the work becomes boring. On the contrary, there will be other problems arising in each pay period, so I feel very interested because I can work, learn and experience many new things at the same time. The working environment at Maison RMI also motivates me with many attractive promotion opportunities and a dynamic and youthful culture. 

Due to the nature of the job, which requires high accuracy, I think that young people who plan to join the C&B field need to practice carefulness, concentration, and skills in using Excel to make things go more smoothly.”

Interesting Facts Related To Working In The Human Resources Department At Maison RMI

4. Quách Kim Ngân (Recruitment & Employer Branding Executive): The story of employer “image”

Sharing about the “image” of an employer, Ms. Kim Ngan said: The experience of working in the Human Resources Department is very interesting and memorable for me. Like well-known brands, employers also need to build a “brand” and mark in the large job market.

As an employer of a fashion company with more than 20 years of operation, we always appreciate dynamism, creativity, and constant change to keep up with the “rhythm” in the market. With that core value, we have developed and recruited many potential candidates, officially surpassing the threshold of more than 1,000 employees. It can be said that, in the process of working, Maison RMI has created an opportunity for me to accompany many employees and improve my knowledge of the industry. Therefore, for me, the best thing about working in the Human Resources Department is building the image of a professional, progressive recruiter and talking to interesting and talented individuals.

After working with Maison RMI in this position, I have gained a lot of experience for myself. I think keeping in touch with many people, including former candidates, will be very effective for the company to find and hire suitable individuals for future positions.”

Interesting Facts Related To Working In The Human Resources Department At Maison RMI

Maison RMI hopes that the sharings from the staff have helped you gain new perspectives on the Human Resources department. Let’s look forward to the upcoming sharing from other departments at Maison RMI!

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