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What Makes Maison RMI A Great Place To Develop Your Skills And Grow In Your Career?

Throughout over 20 years in the fashion industry, Maison RMI has had the opportunity to work with many great staff and interns in their journey of developing skillsets and growing career paths. Let’s find out about the working experience of five current interns at Maison RMI.

1. Ngoc Anh:

What Makes Maison RMI A Great Place To Develop Your Skills And Grow In Your Career?

Ngoc Anh said: “One thing that I always feel when working at Maison RMI is that I am really cared for by my colleagues.

I think interns need most to have colleagues share practical experiences and give advice on what we are not doing well. At Maison RMI, every colleague is willing to help when I am in need. In addition, with the spirit of ‘working hard in working hours’, my mentors do not give me extra work to do at home, so I can still balance study and work.

Above all, as a new trainee, staff always give me the opportunity to interact with other teams so that I can get to know more people and not feel lost. And that’s why I feel extremely fortunate to work at Maison RMI.

2. Kim Oanh:

What Makes Maison RMI A Great Place To Develop Your Skills And Grow In Your Career?

Kim Oanh shared: “I have greatly changed after the Maison RMI internship. I have been given the opportunity to work on practical tasks and enhance my responsibility for every task I do. My biggest change is that I have been more proactive, not only in working but also in building relationships.

Most of all, what I cherish most during the internship period is the opportunity to work with the co-workers in the team with a very professional manner, always enthusiastic, energetic, and creative – that encourages me to always have a good time. learn and make constant efforts to “keep up” with my colleagues. It can be said that Maison RMI is the place to witness an important maturity step in life. Therefore, I am very grateful and cherish the time to be a small part of the Maison RMI family.”

3. Duc Huy:

What Makes Maison RMI A Great Place To Develop Your Skills And Grow In Your Career?

Duc Huy said: “The first day I came to Maison MRI, I was very impressed with the working space here. Because of the open office design, people easily exchange ideas and support each other, creating a sense of comfort and joy during working hours. The colleagues at Maison RMI are also very open, friendly, and enthusiastic to welcome me on the first day of work. Along with that, the worry about work was also quickly erased because I was guided by my personal mentor with every step of the way, helping me to understand what I needed to do. For me, openness, fun, and enthusiasm are the three best words to describe the working experience at Maison RMI.

What makes me excited and look forward to working at Maison RMI is seeing my colleagues’ “sparkling” daily outfits. It can be said that I have learned a lot from those outfits, which have inspired me to be more confident in defining my own style.”

4. Tuyet Ngan:

What Makes Maison RMI A Great Place To Develop Your Skills And Grow In Your Career?

Tuyet Ngan said: “I still remember clearly in the interview, the manager told me: “You should always try to learn and experience all kinds of things, as long as you have the opportunity.” And true to that spirit, I am always motivated to learn more, from completely new areas or things I already know a little bit.

At Maison RMI, I will always be encouraged to experience new things during this internship. Perhaps the phrase I hear the most when working at Maison RMI is not: “Have you finished your work yet?” but rather: “Have you learned any new thing when doing that work?” Thus, my co-workers have nurtured my motivation to work. Instead of being afraid of not doing well, I become excited to have the opportunity to experience different tasks that I have never done before.”

5. Nghia Nguyen:

What Makes Maison RMI A Great Place To Develop Your Skills And Grow In Your Career?

Nghia Nguyen said: “For me, the office culture is completely different from the university environment, so since I started working, I have been mentally prepared to adapt from the beginning. However, fortunately, I have met wonderful colleagues. I have been encouraged and supported by the team so that I can quickly get used to the new environment at Maison RMI, from work to after-hours gatherings.

At Maison RMI, you will never be left alone under any circumstances. For me, going to work is no longer just going to the office to get work done, but also an opportunity to meet and connect with other great people. Thus, every day at Maison RMI is an experience and memory of my very first job that I will never forget.”


For each individual, the experience of working at Maison RMI can be evoked in a different way. However, with a working culture that emphasizes openness, creativity and advancement, Maison RMI is always an ideal workplace for young people to develop their skills at work and grow their careers in the long run.

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