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Latest Fashion Trends Update For CHARLES & KEITH And PEDRO Store Employees

Last week, CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO held a training session to update the latest fashion trends for store staff to improve their professional knowledge and provide the sales team with the latest information.

Continuing the chain of L&D activities (abbreviated: Learning & Development, under the Human Resources department, performing a support and training role at the enterprise to ensure that employees promote their capabilities and meet requirements) to follow the goal of expanding in the next 5 years, Maison RMI in conjunction with two brands; CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO organized a training session for store staff to update their the latest knowledge and keep up with trends in the fashion industry in general, and each brand in particular.

The training session that took place on November 3rd attracted a lot of attention from the staff. With the aim of updating staff with knowledge about new fashion waves and how to implement these trends in our daily sales life, the training content consists of four main parts. These are:

  • Ready-to-wear Trends’,
  • Top Trends for Shoes/Bags design’,
  • Biggest Colour Trends’ and ‘How to style them’, 
  • The implementation of new trends on the brands collection and product’.

Store staff are exposed to the latest international fashion trends.

With the first content: ‘Ready-to-wear trends’, students will have direct exposure to fashion trends performed on famous worldwide stages such as the New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Weeks.

The latest designs shown on famous runways are included in the ‘Ready To Wear Trends’ content of the course.

Students focus on understanding current ready-to-wear trends.

The second part is the ‘Top Trends for Shoes/Bags design’ that updates learners with the most unique, trendy, and most popular shoe and bag designs in recent times. Featured with the Bold Minimalist trend inspired by the minimalist art movement renewed through characteristic textures and silhouette details.

Bold minimalist trends have been continuously promoted by CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO recently.

The most popular designs are in the Fall-Winter 2022 collections of fashion houses.

The remaining content sections are ‘Biggest Colour Trends’ & ‘How to style them’ and ‘The implementation of new trends’ on the brands collection and product, all of which give students new knowledge about colors, color schemes, and color schemes. how to apply trends to the CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO collections.

PEDRO presents its latest design using recycled PET material in this year’s winter edition rePEDRO collection.

Group discussion activities took place actively discussing fashion topics that are trending recently.

The class was extremely interesting with practical knowledge shared by experts from the host company and Maison RMI’s L&D department.

The course received enthusiastic support from CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO store staff.

The training course was a great success and received a lot of support from the participants thanks to the useful information and interwoven visual activities. It is known that the training course will be held periodically every season of the year (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) with the content and activities continuously updated to give the trainees the latest knowledge.

With the mission of providing customers with the best experience, Maison RMI as well as the brands CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO have been constantly improving the operation process by focusing on improving the expertise of their sales team.

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –