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CHARLES & KEITH Group Organize Professional Training Program For Store Employees

With the aim of promoting sustainable development, last week (August 1st to August 8th, 2022), CHARLES & KEITH organized an activity to guide and train staff to improve their emotional thinking and customer care skills. The training session received a lot of attention from staff in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

In order to realize the goal of expansion over the next 5 years, Maison constantly improves the quality of its services through training and guidance activities for brands. Launching the project with the brand name CHARLES & KEITH, the L&D department, an abbreviated name for the Learning & Development Department, under the Human Resources department, performs the role of supporting and training personnel at the enterprise to ensure that employees can promote the capabilities of the company and meet the job requirements of their roles within the management company. CHARLES & KEITH, in conjunction with the L&D department of the Maison company, have organized a training class that takes place from August 1st to 3rd for Ho Chi Minh City area staff, and from 8th to 10th August for the Hanoi area employees: targeting Store Managers, Operations Managers, Brand Managers and Duty Managers.

This year’s training content is quite unique, consisting of 2 main parts: GUESTS & OJTI as well as GROWTH
Mindset. Knowledge content is closely integrated with practical activities to help learners understand more deeply and visualize their duties effectively when applying theory into practice.

The first part, GUESTS & OJTI (On Job Training Instructor) is an improved system based on the old program with the aim of enhancing the sales process and improving customer care skills. The trainees are trained in sales-related knowledge such as upselling skills, customer support methods, and customer care. The GUESTS content and knowledge for human resource management reside in the OJTI section. With this new change, participants in these training methods showed great interest when the learning content was integrated into extremely interesting practical activities such as group discussions, rope training, and other interactive activities.

Team Brand Manager group discussion in the GUESTS segment of the training sessions.

Teams present their topics.

Training activities to practice the content of human resource management.

For the second part, GROWTH Mindset, Maison has included completely new content in this year’s training program to help learners improve their emotional intelligence (EQ). CHARLES & KEITH staff will improve their growth mindset and EQ, and know how to apply the GROW model to build their own development model. In addition, learners can also participate in a survey to evaluate their colleagues, boss, and themselves. Through these engaging methods of learning, students can encounter and adopt new perspectives about themselves and their roles, and adjust themselves more appropriately to their working environment. The content of the GROWTH Mindset program helps nurture the future generation of managers who are able to develop the team and make a positive impact on the development of Maison.

Students practice applying the GROW model in groups.

Tea-break party for training participants.

Throughout the training sessions, all staff have accumulated a lot of new knowledge and skills, serving the process of working with their employees as well as their customers. Sharing the same development vision, Maison and CHARLES & KEITH always aspire to improve service quality and customer experience by focusing on every small element that constitutes the sustainable development of both parties.

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –