Fantastic Opportunities To Shop With Multiple Offers At Maison RMI On International Women’s Day

The gift women want to receive on 08.03 is not only a radiant flower bouquet or expensive jewelry, but also an unexpected and unforgettable memory with their beloved ones. Let Maison RMI suggest a range of gifts from international brands with good deals which will provide a memorable experience to their women.


International Women’s Day is an occasion to express gratitude and sincerity to the other half of the world. To celebrate this special day, PEDRO offers MAC lipstick with trendy color tones, worth 650,000 VND, for bills that exceed 3,000,000 VND.

The program starts on 05.03.2023 and will take place nationwide at all PEDRO stores. You can come to PEDRO to choose a meaningful gift for both you and the woman you love.


For those who prefer sporty styles, do not miss the promotion program SPARKLE ON, PUMA-GIRLS to celebrate the month of honoring women.

From 04.03 to 08.03.2023, come to PUMA to receive a set of 04 PUMA x Ceci sneaker pins worth 1,000,000 VND for orders from 1,700,000 VND. Because the number of gifts is limited, hurry up and shop to receive an exclusive set from PUMA.


If you have not chosen what gift to buy, let MLB bring a gift of the MLB branded “magic mirror” to your woman so that they will always feel they are beautiful and believe in themselves every day.

The program starts from 06.03 to 10.03.2023 for all purchases from 3,790,000 VND. Maison RMI believes that this will be a very meaningful gift for the MLB Crew to give “half of the world” or to reward yourself.


To welcome the month of women, from 04.03 to 08.03.2023, NERDY at Vincom Dong Khoi has prepared a gift of a “Be The Nerd” tote bag for female customers with shopping bills from 2,990,000 VND.


For women who love the dynamic and liberal style, do not miss the opportunity to express special wishes to the women you love, with the Happy Women’s Day program of Skechers by Maison.

From 04.03 to 08.03.2023, Skechers by Maison will give away a gift of De Memoria shower gel and body lotion worth 1,100,000 VND with shopping bills from 2,590,000 VND that included women’s products.


A woman’s privilege is to choose her own beauty! Let GIGI help women stay beautiful and shining in Women’s month.

From 03.03 – 08.03.2023, GIGI-girls will immediately receive a gift of a premium Cushion box with spends from 3,000,000 VND.


To welcome International Women’s Day with honor and respect, Ceci wishes to send the girls meaningful gifts to express our sincere thanks through the program It’s time to shine, ladies.

From 04.3 to 08.3.2023, Ceci-girls will immediately receive a surprise gift when purchasing 02 or more items. The program applies to all Ceci stores nationwide.


To celebrate the month of women, let’s join Coach to give love and respect to the beautiful other half of the world with meaningful and delicate gifts through the message Let Your Coach Soul Blossom.

Only from 06.3.2023 to 08.3.2023, Coach offers many exclusive gifts for orders worth 8,030,000 VND. Especially, when customers check in at the unique flower car at the store, Coach will send sweet fragrant flowers to express their sincere thanks.


Cập nhật tủ đồ của bạn và ghi điểm với người phụ nữ mình yêu thương qua những thiết kế nổi bật từ DSQUARED2. Women’s Day 8/3 này nhà Dsquared2 có quà gửi đến bạn. 

Update your wardrobe and score with the woman you love with outstanding designs from DSQUARED2. On this Women’s Day 8/3, Dsquared2 family has a gift for you.

From 06.03 – 08.03.2023, when you buy a full-price product from 14,999,000 VND, you will immediately receive an exclusive Lucky Box from Dsquared2.


Don’t forget to wholeheartedly enjoy International Women’s Day 8/3 with Max&Co. with the MAXimize your happiness program.

Receive an exclusive Gift box from Max&Co. when purchasing a full-price bill from 6,000,000 VND. The program applies from 05.03 to 08.03.2023 at Max&Co stores nationwide.

Weekend Max Mara 

8/3 is not just a day for women to dress beautifully. Instead, always be confident with your own shining beauty every day. That is Weekend Max Mara’s message for Women’s Day.

In the Ladies of Liberty program, Weekend Max Mara offers exclusive gifts for full-price bills from 10,000,000 VND. The program applies from 04.03 to 08.03.2023 at Weekend Max Mara stores nationwide.

Ted Baker 

Into the proud emotions of Women’s Day, Ted Baker sends half the world a gift of Bobbi Brown lip balm for any shopping bill from 6,000,000 VND.

Visit the nearest Ted Baker store from 04.03 to 08.03.2023 to choose the best gifts for yourself and the woman you love.


As the perfect embodiment of beauty, Women deserve the privilege of being cherished and loved. As a tribute to half of the world, PINKO brings A Love From #Neverland promotion program exclusively for women on the occasion of 8/3.

From 05.03 to 08.03.2023 PINKO offers premium silk scarves bearing the imprint of the Italian fashion capital with full-price shopping bills from 8,000,000 VND.

Le Silla 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Le Silla not only wants to express the thankfulness to “half of the world”, but also respectfully dedicates a special offer to customers shopping at the store.

From 07.03 to 11.03.2023, you will receive 01 Weekend Max Mara scarf and 01 Guerlain lip balm for every purchase at Le Silla store.

It’s time for you to put on a brilliant outfit with Le Silla heels to welcome a happy 8/3 with your loved one.


Let’s join Marhen.J to spread the happiness in March – the month of women, with unique handbag designs and many attractive gifts.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Marhen.J has prepared lovely WAPPENs for full-price bills from only 3,490,000 VND. In particular, stylish BILLY bags and RONNY bags are waiting for Marhen.J-girls to pick up with full-price bills from 4,990,000 VND.

Moreover, only on 8/3, Marhen.J offers surprising gifts in limited quantities at 02 stores at Saigon Center and Vincom Dong Khoi.


To celebrate International Women’s Day, let the gifts from Havaianas go with you everywhere and stand out in your own way.

From 04.03 to 08.03.2023, Havai-holics will receive a lovely pair of Charms and Havaianas-style tote bags for bills from 999,000 VND. Let’s go to the nearest store to choose the gift for yourself and your beloved woman.


Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with a lot of fun. Mujosh offers stylish women many hot deals:

  • Voucher of 100,000 VND for every purchase.
  • Voucher of 300,000 VND for shopping bills from 1,990,000 VND.
  • Voucher of 500,000 VND for shopping bills from 3,990,000 VND.

Do not miss this opportunity to buy good glasses for yourself and your loved ones, Mujosh-Lovers!

If you are a fan of fashion, this is a great opportunity to buy for yourself and your beloved women high-quality items at good prices. The promotion to celebrate Women’s month is only available for a limited time, so hurry up and join the fashion party with Maison RMI!

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