Havaianas And The Story That Inspires The World With Brazil’s Dynamic Spirit All Around The World

Since the first days of its launch, Havaianas has become a “craze” spreading all over the world. Is this phenomenon simply because of the bold Brazilian flip-flops or are other aspects responsible? Let’s discover now!

Endless inspiration for freedom from Brazil

Founded in 1962, the Brazilian flip-flop brand quickly entered the world fashion industry with its bold statement “Designed for a free life”.

Through designs inspired by the free and liberal lifestyle of Brazilians, Havaianas wants each individual to confidently express their individuality in every moment of life.

It is not difficult to see images of Havaianas’ impressive, innovative and fresh flip-flops on the streets around the world.

With 10 pairs of sandals produced every second for distribution to more than 116 countries globally, the brand has successfully built itself into a consumer community oriented towards flexibility, creativity, and passion.

Fashion principles toward comfort

Confidence only comes from a healthy body and a relaxed mind. And free footsteps are the key to helping Havaianas guide its guests to the finish line of the journey to find confidence in each different being.

Havaianas has covered street fashion with a colorful world with its diverse product collection of designs, styles and materials.

Produced from high-quality rubber and verified through many rigorous quality tests, Havaianas products are always appreciated by experts for their comfort, durability, and especially the rubber that does not smell.

Green gifts for Mother Earth

Sustainability is the key factor that helps Havaianas leave a strong impression in the hearts of fashion lovers. For more than 61 years, in parallel with the mission of spreading the Brazilian spirit to the whole world, the brand has always focused on its responsibility to protect the ecological ecosystem by optimizing the production process.

Havaianas also promotes other social activities such as cooperating with the IPE Environmental Research Institute, specializing in protecting Brazilian forests and ecosystems, or giving away tote bags to reduce the habit of using plastic bags when shopping.

Most of the products are made from recycled materials or natural fibers, and especially reusing the leftover straps from Havaianas TOP and TRADI products to continue production is the clearest demonstration of these efforts to make the Earth green again.

Brand Ending

Wearing Havaianas is like bringing the Brazilian spirit full of enthusiasm, and generosity with the responsibility for protecting the environment. It is also the position that the brand persistently pursues throughout its journey to follow free individuals toward a sustainable future.

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