Popular Sneakers That Make The Sportswear Brand PUMA Famous Today

Appearing in the sportswear industry approximately a century ago, PUMA has become a monumental marque that any brand must be wary of thanks to its legendary sneaker designs that are always chosen by top-flight professional sports athletes.

PUMA –  Rewriting a unique definition of sportswear fashion

Established in a small town in Germany, PUMA has built a fashion empire with a series of designs exclusively for sports enthusiasts. From shoes and clothes to accessories, PUMA knows how to satisfy its fans by investing in materials, colors, designs, and techniques in each product.

With the brave spirit and sports philosophy that the brand has conveyed over the past decades, PUMA can be considered one of the brands that appears most often in the wardrobes of sports followers, especially in athletics, football, gym, golf, and motorsports.

Attractive and trendy designs with lots of interesting interactive activities are the reasons why PUMA is always a favorite brand among sports fans.

Popular Sneakers That Made The Brand PUMA

Just like the meaning of the permanent leopard logo, despite a huge shoe collection with many different designs, only a few outstanding sneakers really make PUMA famous. Here are 5 popular names that PUMA lovers should not miss.

1. PUMA Cali – A Modern Classic Design

The first name on this list is the new PUMA Cali line, which is based on the basic and functional designs of the 80’s PUMA California line. Thanks to the detail of the striped border added to the sole, the sneaker design is softer and more feminine.

Being a blend of classic beauty and a modern look, this PUMA Cali shoe has become a fashion favorite because of its smooth premium suede upper and responsive cushioning. Thus, the wearer will feel comfortable and supported when moving for a long day.

2. PUMA Carina – Dynamic And Youthful

PUMA Carina is one of the brand’s well-known classic sneakers because of its high versatility and it is never out of trend. Crafted from modern leather and a slim fit, PUMA Carina is highly appreciated for its stability and solidity, while retaining the open-minded spirit of the shoe.

The combination of a thick textured rubber sole for a solid grip and the youthful PUMA branding on the side has made the PUMA Carina become a must-have item for everyone worldwide.

3. PUMA Fenty – A Distinctive Breakthrough

PUMA Fenty is known for its classic suede shoes with a punk outsole design that effectively makes the wearer look taller. Moreover, this is a sneaker model designed by singer Rihanna, which caught the attention of all music and fashion fans worldwide in 2016.

With neutral colors such as white, beige, and gold, the PUMA Fenty is the perfect choice thanks to its versatility and ease to mix & match when you do not know what to wear on that day.

4. PUMA Ignite – Perfect Version Of A Sneaker Model

With excellent durability and simple neutral colors, PUMA Ignite can be combined with many different outfits so that wearers can easily change their styles. In addition, the dynamic and sporty design is the key factor that makes PUMA Ignite a must-have item for athletes.

Made from high-quality lightweight fabric and extremely elastic soles, these sneakers quickly sell  out because of their smoothness and comfort.

5. PUMA Suede – A Branded Shoe Model

In the 70s, if Nike had Air Force 1, Adidas had Superstar, then Suede was the sneaker representing PUMA in the American hip-hop scene at that time. Inspired by the street-friendly suede material, the PUMA Suede’s appeal is culminated in the slim, simple yet eye-catching upper and the embossed “Formstrip” logo on the body.

With fashionable design, high durability and affordable price, PUMA Suede has automatically become the favorite sneaker of famous stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Jack Black, Chris Brown, etc.

6. PUMA MB.01 & MB.02 Rick & Morty – The Adventure Of Colors 

Recently, PUMA has collaborated with basketball superstar Lamelo Ball and the cartoon Rick & Morty to launch the PUMA Rick & Morty sports shoe line that has become a spotlight among fashion fans. Inspired by the movie characters’ space exploration, PUMA MB.01 and MB.02 Rick and Morty feature striking designs with eye-catching neon colors that reflect the spirit of adventure of PUMA followers.

Inheriting the unique neon tone from the old version, MB.02 Rick & Morty explodes with a vibrant gradient color range that is not similar to any other shoe design on the market.

If PUMA MB.01 Rick & Morty has two contrasting colors, green and red, MB.02 is a blend of 4 outstanding colors: green, red, purple and pink. The impressive point in the design of MB.02 Rick & Morty lies in the color contrast between the left and right shoes, showing the opposite but well-balanced design when worn together.

Brand Summary

PUMA is famous for its well-prepared designs, perfected at each stage of production, so it is not surprising that the above-mentioned shoes have entered the wish list of fashionistas. By investment in design, materials and the story behind it, each PUMA sneaker has a unique color and spirit that contributes to building an admirable collection of the brand.

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