What Is Special About MLB Korea That Makes Asian Youth Constantly Seek?

Towards the diversity in style through youthful, fancy and sporty designs, MLB Korea has created its own mark in the hearts of young fashion enthusiasts across Asia.

1. MLB – The brand of famous baseball teams

MLB is a Korean brand belonging to F&F Group and was established in 1997 after reaching a franchise agreement with Major League Baseball (MLB). Therefore, the fashion brand MLB is also known by another name, MLB Korea.

MLB Korea is considered one of the “pioneers” in bringing sports closer to the masses through fashion. Moreover, MLB Korea is the first brand to put the Major League Ball at the center of the development of lifestyle fashion. In nearly 30 years of existing in the fashion industry, MLB does more than just produce nice and impressive products. The company has actively spread the spirit and values ​​of sports, specifically baseball, through its bold designs.

Therefore, it is difficult to find the brand logo on MLB Korea products, regardless of clothing, shoes or accessories. All of its designs feature the logos of the baseball teams that Major League Ball manages, especially four teams: the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.

However, it does not mean that the brand is overshadowed; on the contrary, as it has become the highlight of MLB in the fashion industry. Mentioning MLB, people will think of shoe designs that are inspired by street fashion and sports, with symbols reminiscent of famous baseball teams.

Among them, the most prominent and sought-after models of young people can be mentioned as MLB Bigball Chunky shoes, MLB Playball Origin, and MLB Chunky Liner,…

2. The shoes that made the name MLB

MLB Bigball Chunky – An Outstanding Breakthrough

Although not released since the early days of its establishment, MLB Bigball Chunky officially launched in 2019 is a shoe line that has resonated with MLB and helped the brand assert its name on the fashion map. Not only causing a buzz among Korean youth, but MLB Bigball Chunky has also become a symbolic fashion name in recent years throughout Asia.

MLB Bigball Chunky is divided into 2 lines, Bigball Chunky A and Bigball Chunky P. Both lines have the same shape and characteristics of chunky high soles. However, Bigball Chunky A’s logo features initials like NY, LA, and STL, while Bigball Chunky P’s logo features letters like New York, Dodgers, and Boston.

With leather material and a design that is somewhat “oversized” compared to the usual sneaker lines, the MLB Bigball Chunky helps to “hack” the height effectively without being rough for those of you with small stature. This will surely be the right item for young people who love youthfulness, breaking ways to upgrade their everyday outfits.

MLB Playball Origin – Express Personality In The Framework

In contrast to the MLB Bigball Chunky line full of personality, the MLB Playball Origin has a compact shape but still looks sporty, especially with the shoe sole designed with a fancy rough groove. It can be said that the design of MLB Playball Origin is a blend of health, dynamism and lightness, simplicity.

MLB Playball Origin features canvas material that gives it a rustic, liberal feel with a color palette ranging from deep to bright colors and a unique embossed logo. In addition, the creamy white sole is a huge plus in terms of yellowing over time.

Focused on quality elastic technology, the MLB Playball Origin feels soft and comfortable on the feet and is suitable for frequent use during daily activities. This is a line of shoes with a moderate shape, suitable for young people who are active and love the freedom of streetwear style.

MLB Chunky Liner – The Crossroads Of The Times

Launched in early 2022, the Chunky Liner is the new line of MLB brand shoes, blending the modern lines of chunky heels and the classic look of traditional shoes. With the dominant white tone, MLB Chunky Liner is dotted with subtle but equally eye-catching color details with colors ranging from gentle to prominent such as black, cream and green.

The chunky high sole is more refined and compact, making the MLB Chunky Liner more fashionable than ever. In addition, the color logo printed on the white body of the shoe helps MLB Chunky Liner to be both classic and dynamic.

MLB Mule Playball Origin – The Convenience In Fashion

Remaining the same shape of the Playball Origin line, the MLB Mule Playball Origin is a heel-pedal sports shoe aimed at convenience, liberal in fashion. With a design that retains the characteristics of traditional sports shoes, the MLB Mule Playball Origin brings a more youthful, new look.

Also carrying the same canvas material and eye-catching embossed logo as the Playball Origin line, MLB Mule Playball Origin focuses on high applicability and user convenience.

Bringing a comfortable, airy feeling, the MLB Mule Playball Origin is a “must-have item” in your summer wardrobe. Try multi-style experiences with a pair of mules to create cool and beautiful mixes in the coming summer.

MLB Chunky Classic – Simple But Not Outdated

Not possessing a “potent” or strong design like other shoe lines, the MLB Chunky Classic has a classic style with a meticulous color scheme and texture, thereby creating an elegant but no less modern shoe line. big, young.

Bringing classic, elegant lines with a restrained color scheme and prominent baseball team logos on the body of the shoe, the MLB Chunky Classic possesses a harmonious and light overall feel.

With focused leather, soft padding and a snug fit, the MLB Chunky Classic is an item suitable for all fashion styles, from light office to active, dusty.

3. Brand Summary

Above are the 5 most prominent and popular MLB shoe lines of the MLB brand. Although each shoe line has a different design to suit each user’s needs, in general, MLB’s designs have lines that blend harmoniously between sport and fashion. Hopefully, through this article, the “believers” of the MLB brand will choose more suitable sneakers to confidently create beautiful outfits that fully express their unique personalities.

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