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“Immortal” Converse Shoes For Sneaker Believers

Extremely attractive, youthful and dynamic designs, Converse has created its own position in the hearts of true footwear fans. Reasonable prices, effective fashion applications ranging from street-style, feminine, dynamic, to elegant; no style is denied by Converse.

"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker Believers
Founded in 1908 by Marquis M.Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, USA, Converse is one of the most historic shoe brands in the world, and in the US it is especially popular.

After over a century since the first years of its establishment, the company has gradually grown, constantly asserting its name in the market by launching new lines of shoes with unique designs, suitable for many purposes and destinations, and having received countless love from not only casual shoe lovers, but also from famous rock bands like The Ramones.

After going home with Nike in 2003, the company still hasn’t lost its vivacity and dynamism when it released more and more different shoe models that attract a lot of favor from all ages and all levels of consumers.

Referring to Converse, people often mention a lot of famous products and are associated with young people such as Converse One Star shoes, Converse All Star shoes, and the infamous Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

Shoes “Immortal”

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star – Converse’s Own Impressive Shoe Line

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is a classic design for the Converse brand with hundreds of millions of pairs sold each year. Sales figures prove the huge attraction of this shoe with a harmonious blend of classic and modern features.

"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker Believers
"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker BelieversChuck Taylor All Star was originally a line of shoes created specifically for basketballers, first launched in 1917. All Star is a line of shoes that the famous NBA basketball player at that time, Chuck Taylor, dearly loved, so the line was later named after him.

2. Converse Jack Purcell – Matches Many Outfits

The shoe line with a close, simple and easy-to-match design has attracted a large amount of attention from brand loyalists. This is a line of shoes originally launched with the purpose of specialized badminton shoes. The shoe line is named after John Edward Jack Purcell, a famous badminton player who participated in its creation.

"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker Believers
"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker BelieversDifferent from the smooth midsole, the toe is fancy with horizontal lines and embossed lines to create a strong and prominent look and feel.

Compared with other similar brand shoes, Converse Jack Purcell mainly has bold colors such as brown, gray, dark blue, cowhide, etc. Therefore, this version is attractive to dynamic young people who want to affirm their personal identity.

3. Converse 1970s – The Perfect Hybrid Of Nostalgia And Modernity

The shoe was launched in 2013, but the reason Converse still named this shoe line the 1970s is because this is considered a period of its peak glory.

"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker Believers
"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker BelieversStill retains the shape of the Chuck Taylor All Star pairs, but there are significant improvements in terms of materials as well as appearance.

Therefore, in addition to the Chuck Taylor All Star shoes that carry a classic beauty, there is no reason not to own a pair of 1970s to elevate the style.

4. Converse Run Star Hike – Breakthrough With Trendy Chunky Style

For the first time in 2019, Converse broke out of its comfort zone when it teamed up with JW Anderson to launch a unique chunky style shoe.

"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker Believers
"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker BelieversPossessing features quite similar to the popular 1970s line before, Run Star Hike also rises to attract consumers by being equipped with a chunky Chunky sole full of personality; but not rough or bulky.

Not only giving the impression of style, Run Star Hike also has the effect of increasing the height for anyone with a petite figure. Initially, Run Star Hike only had high-collar models, but after a while, the company launched more low-neck shoes with basic color schemes. This promises to be an item that can make a splash in any wearer’s style.

5. Converse Dainty – Simple But Not Monotonous

Dainty has a slimmer and more minimalist design compared to other Converse shoe models, but it is no less personal, clearly showing the slogan “Simple but not monotonous”.

"Immortal" Converse Shoes For Sneaker BelieversDainty’s texture towards elegance, and lightness combined with restrained colors creates a very different characteristic style. With such a design, Dainty is more suitable for women with a minimalist and gentle fashion sense.

Brand Summary

With the above 5 Converse lines, each design carries with it a flow of creativity and an endless source of passion. Hopefully, fans who love the brand will have more beautiful Converse shoes, creating an impressive and unique fashion style.

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