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Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITH

For over two decades, CHARLES & KEITH has continuously launched stylish shoes, bags and accessories. Popular bags by CHARLES & KEITH have gradually become indispensable accessories in modern women’s wardrobes.

CHARLES & KEITH – The brand that catches the trend

CHARLES & KEITH is famous for producing exquisite handbags, footwear and accessories, and was founded in 1996 by two brothers; Charles Wong and Keith Wong. Originally, CHARLES & KEITH was a women’s footwear store in Singapore’s Amara Shopping Mall. Only two years later, the brand opened its first store in Indonesia and officially put its name on the world fashion map. Today, it can be said that CHARLES & KEITH is an influential brand in the fashion world with hundreds of stores worldwide.

As a brand originating from Singapore, a country at an intersection of many unique cultures from Asia and Europe, CHARLES & KEITH’s designs are bold in their spirit of liberalism and modernity. Their designs also highlight the individuality of their customers. However,  bags by CHARLES & KEITH still have broad appeal despite their individuality. In contrast, CHARLES & KEITH always actively update fashion trends with stylish and trendy designs that still carry the brand’s spirit; enabling confident women to express themselves.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHCHARLES & KEITH never disappoints fashionistas with impressive, eye-catching designs along with reasonable prices.

Popular bag designs that make the name for CHARLES & KEITH

Despite owning a massive collection with an average of more than 1000 new designs each year, the designs of CHARLES & KEITH still have their own characteristics that cannot be confused with other brands. In particular, the handbags of CHARLES & KEITH are loved by many women because of their stylish, sophisticated and multi-style designs. Let’s take a look at the outstanding bag designs of CHARLES & KEITH supported by Maison RMI.

1. CHARLES & KEITH Gabine Leather Saddle Bag – The Unique Highlights For Outfits

This is one of the most well-known designs of CHARLES & KEITH. Since its first launch, this bag has quickly gained many fashionistas’ attention. The highlight of this bag is the locking lid made from luxurious metal, highlighting the elegant and trendy look of modern women. With the CHARLES & KEITH Gabine Leather Saddle Bag, you can easily create eye-catching mixes that are suitable for work and outing outfits.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHGabine Leather Saddle Bag has everything you love about CHARLES & KEITH’s signature handbags with removable straps and ample storage for everyday essentials.

Recently, fashionista Chau Bui has collaborated with CHARLES & KEITH to launch an exclusive collection in Vietnam. In particular, the Zebra Print Gabine Saddle handbag, designed with unique striking zebra prints, has become one of the most loved items in this collection.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHThrough this collection, CHARLES & KEITH and Chau Bui want to inspire young people to confidently express their personality through fashion accessories.

2. CHARLES & KEITH The Shoulder Bag – A Blend Of Classic And Modern

The Shoulder Bag is a popular underarm bag from CHARLES & KEITH which is loved by fashionistas because of its dynamic and functional design. Inspired by ’90s fashion, The Shoulder Bag is a strong statement for the return of CHARLES & KEITH in fashion.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHFeaturing a bag strap made from metal which is long enough to wear underarm, CHARLES & KEITH The Shoulder Bag is a bit classic, but still has modern lines in the design.

3. CHARLES & KEITH Handle Bucket Bag – A Breakthrough In Outfits

If you are a fashionista, this bag model must be familiar to you. In recent years, bucket bags have emerged and are sought by fashionistas on all fronts because of their fancy designs. Also, they are extremely suitable for outfits from elegant and gentle to chic and dynamic.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHThe CHARLES & KEITH Handle Bucket Bag is designed with a drawstring for easy and convenient opening and closing. This will be a great choice for a luxurious party or a romantic date.

4. CHARLES & KEITH Push-Lock Crossbody Bag – Luxury And Modern

The CHARLES & KEITH Push-Lock Crossbody Bag has a rectangular shape with a unique magnetic buckle. The design of the bag is classic but still very modern with a luxurious golden metal strap. It can be said that the popular rectangular bag shape with a triangular flap is the highlight of the whole design.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHWith a minimalist design, women can mix & match CHARLES & KEITH Push-Lock Crossbody Bag with any outfit. Besides, the plus point of the Push-Lock Crossbody Bag design is the fancy and convenient lock, along with a spacious storage compartment for women to carry on any occasion.

5. CHARLES & KEITH Tote Bag – Simple and Elegant

If you are a woman who wants to bring “the whole world” with you when going out, the CHARLES & KEITH Tote Bag is the bag for you. With a large size compared to normal handbag models, the CHARLES & KEITH Tote Bag will be the best choice for office girls with many items but still matches all outfits.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHThe CHARLES & KEITH Tote Bag is a versatile bag with a simple design. However, the details of the bag are extremely delicate, helping to enhance the femininity and modernity of the design.

6. CHARLES & KEITH Mini Bag – Classic In A New Shape

In recent years, mini bags have emerged as a new phenomenon in the fashion industry, making all women desire to add to their bag collections. Despite its small size, which is almost too small to hold a large number of personal items, CHARLES & KEITH Mini Bag will be the highlight to make your outfit more eye-catching and outstanding than ever.

Popular Bags That Make The Brand CHARLES & KEITHThe CHARLES & KEITH Mini Bag is a delicate combination of felt and leather, with a striking golden metal keychain and handle. This will be the item that makes women look impressive from the first encounter.

Brand Ending

Above are the 6 most prominent and sought-after handbag lines of CHARLES & KEITH this season. Although each line of handbags has a different design, the designs of CHARLES & KEITH bring a spirit of the times, leading the trend. Maison RMI hopes that through this article, fashionistas will choose more models to fill their collections.

In addition, do not forget that Maison Online is the leading prestigious place for you to freely choose from genuine bags and shoes or trendy high fashion accessories from CHARLES & KEITH and many other brands.

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