Collaborating With CHARLES & KEITH, Chau Bui Launches An New Impressive Collection

Returning from International Fashion Week, Chau Bui did not rest but soon became busy with many personal plans. Appearing at the launch event of the exclusive CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection on March 11th, Vietnam’s famous fashionista wowed onlookers with her stylish outfit, expressing her fashion statement through a collaboration with the brand from Singapore.

Celebrating the multidimensional beauty of modern women, CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection is inspired by exploring the contrasting sides of a woman’s inner personality. From sweet, feminine, elegant to edgy, rebellious, and even individualistic, the collection is a blend of many contrasting styles.

Chau Bui appeared extremely impressive at the launching event of the first exclusive collection CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI.

Collaborating with CHARLES & KEITH, Chau Bui participated in the entire design process of the collection, from developing the concept to finishing the product. “I want to send a message of freedom to fully express the difference in personality,” said Chau Bui. At the launch event of her exclusive collection, she chose for herself an eye-catching full-denim outfit.

Chau Bui chose a personality denim outfit, embellished with an impressive striking zebra-print bag in the CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection.

The collection introduces stylish fashion items for women – handbags, purses and high heels in two unique versions, Bright and Dark. Featuring classic shapes, chic and striking colors, these items are easy to match with outfits and can be used for many occasions.

Despite the stylish denim outfit, Chau Bui still matches with the sweet blue bag of the Bright line in the CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection.

Through the creative collection of CHARLES & KEITH and Chau Bui, Bright Collection proves that bright and sweet tones like pink and blue can still go with modernity. In contrast, the Dark Collection is the voice of sharpness and strength with its liberal zebra prints.

Many KOLs and TikTokers attended the launching event of the exclusive CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection on March 11th.

A large number of KOLs and TikTokers attended the event to celebrate the new milestone of Chau Bui on her journey to affirm the name of a leading fashion icon in Vietnam. The premiere also attracted many fans of Chau Bui.

Re-appearing in a new role, Chau Bui wants to convey the message of “freedom to fully express the difference in personality” through the collaboration with the brand CHARLES & KEITH.

Chau Bui said that CHARLES & KEITH is one of her favorite fashion brands. “I love to transform styles and feel in tune with the design philosophy of CHARLES & KEITH. No matter what style you pursue, as long as you do not follow anyone’s version and confidently express your own personality, you have already succeeded,” said Chau Bui.

Through this collection, CHARLES & KEITH has shown the creativity and professionalism of a top favorite fashion brand, continuously launching products that are not only eye-catching and trendy but also highly applicable. The exclusive CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection is now available at CHARLES & KEITH stores nationwide and at the website


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