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CHARLES & KEITH Collaborated With Chau Bui To Launch An Exclusive Collection In Vietnam

CHARLES & KEITH, one of the leading brands of shoes, bags and accessories, has collaborated with model it-girl Chau Bui to launch a new fashion collection. CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection is inspired by the opposing emotions of women and offers a variety of designs that give them the freedom to express their differences in personality through each fashion item.

Regularly holding the prestigious front row position at International Fashion Weeks, Chau Bui is a fashion icon in Vietnam who always leads the way with a unique fashion sense. CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI collection includes the must-have items Chau Bui often uses: handbags, high heels and handbags.

Inspired by the contrasting personalities and emotions of women, the collection comes in two tones: bright and dark. The designs in the Bright collection show a bright, feminine energy, with pink and blue colors that are easy to combine to create elegant sets without being boring. In contrast, the Dark collection offers a more rebellious and liberal shade with striking zebra prints and dramatic chrome ombre, symbolizing the change as night falls and the vibrant nightlife begins. With unique designs that are easy to mix & match, the designs in the collection prove versatile and suitable for many occasions – from work, to dating, and from meeting friends to attending dinner parties.

Through this collaboration, CHARLES & KEITH and Chau Bui desire to inspire young people to confidently express their personality, especially through fashion, because the nature of fashion has no limits.

CHARLES & KEITH x CHAU BUI Collection is officially available at CHARLES & KEITH stores nationwide and CHARLESKEITH.VN website from March 8th 2023.

CHARLES & KEITH is an international well-known fashion brand for the discerning urban public. The brand is famous for its special collections with selected products. Founded in 1996 by entrepreneurs Charles Wong and Keith Wong, CHARLES & KEITH aims to instill joy and confidence in fashion-loving women through trendy footwear designs that can be worn under many circumstances. CHARLES & KEITH has grown significantly up to now. Not only offering footwear designs, the brand now also offers handbags, eyewear, accessories and jewelry.

Nurtured by four brand values ​​– Experimental, Desirable, Curated and Modern – CHARLES & KEITH aims to celebrate and inspire women every day. With more than 600 stores in its global network, CHARLESKEITH.COM expands the brand’s reach in the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe.

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