The Vegan Handbag Brand Marhen.J’s Journey To Make The World Green Again

Renowned as the most impressive vegan handbag brand in Korea, Marhen.J has constantly been spreading its positive values through sustainable fashion designs and weaving them into the lifestyle of every fashion-lover.

Messages Derived From The Brand Name

Founded in 2015 in Korea, Marhen.J quickly became one of the most popular brands among young people thanks to its handbags that its customers can mix and match with almost any outfit.

Inspired by the Spanish word “margen” which means calm and relaxed, the handbags of Marhen.J are designed in a minimal and elegant style. However, they retain their originality through modern colors, sustainable materials and trendy designs thanks to their talented creative director Kim Hyun Hee. She is a designer who has worked with many famous KPOP groups such as SNSD, TVXQ, TWICE, and Wonder Girls.

Above all, with the message that conveys a sustainable lifestyle, Marhen.J aims to build a generation of modern fashion with a sophisticated style and ensure friendliness with the environment.

Sustainability With The “Green” Fashion Statement

As one of the leading brands in global green fashion, Marhen.J always wishes to partially mitigate the negative impacts of the fashion industry on the environment.

The primary materials that the brand uses for production are guaranteed to be derived from plants, recycled or artificial, to help users maximize their product experience.

Since its foundation, besides minimal, sophisticated and versatile designs, Marhen.J has stood out in the fashion world because of its sustainable fashion orientation by taking advantage of environmentally-friendly materials with modern production technology, such as apple leather, nylon mipan regen, and eco canvas, paper, etc.

The Journey Towards Making The Earth Green Again

Marhen.J has successfully built its own sustainable fashion ecosystem and is sought after by many Korean stars such as actress Seo Rina, actor Kang Min Ahn, actor Kim Bora, and Oh My Girl Arin, amongst others.

The muse Seo Rina is fascinated by the elegance and elegance of the Cadell bag in the latest Coexist collection by Marhen.J.

As the first choice of Korean actresses in a lovely and sweet image, Monika Bag has become a hot topic for a while thanks to the successful effect in the movie “Twenty Five, Twenty One”.

Besides Korea, Marhen.J is also enthusiastically welcomed in Asian markets such as Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Despite entering the Vietnam market for 3 years, the brand has received many milestones with distinctive handbag designs.

The first Marhen.J store in Vietnam has created a new standard in the fashion industry with roomy space and a series of popular products. Moreover, Marhen.J store is located inside Saigon Center – one of the busiest shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Although Marhen.J has just opened a second store at Vincom Dong Khoi (HCMC), it already has a large fan base in Vietnam, including a few celebrities such as Khanh Vy and Emma Nhat Khanh.

Handbag Designs For The Future

Responsible consumption and modern but sustainable products are the principles of Marhen.J is why many customers like Marhen.J for its stylish, eye-catching, environmentally friendly and high-level designs. 

In addition, the brand has a diverse collection, such as handbags, backpacks, tote bags, clutches, etc., which attracts many young people.

1. Rico – Fashionable And Convenient

Popular among Korean customers, Rico is famous for its sweet color tones and eye-catching design. With an intelligent design with four handy storage compartments inside, a sturdy handle and a detachable shoulder strap, Rico is the perfect choice for those traveling for long days.

The highlight of the bag lies in the V-shaped seam design on the belt, blended with youthful colors and especially the waterproof PU coating on the outside, making Rico Bag an essential item on humid days.

2. Bono LeBlanc – Elegant And Sophisticated

A combination of three materials; apple leather, cotton and pp fabric, Bono LeBlanc is a must-have item for women who want to bring all the stuff. An elegant rectangular design with the brand logo prominently printed on the front and fixed double shoulder straps elevate the outfit most subtly.

Using neutral colors such as beige, black, and gray, Bono LeBlanc is an indispensable bag for women who pursue minimalism.

3. Megan – Charming And Attractive

Eye-catching, unique and trendy – Megan Bag deserves to become a spotlight at luxurious parties. With a unique trapezoidal shape with a sophisticated brand logo on the flap, the Megan Bag will make your outfit more glamorous and haughty. Not only becoming famous with its trendy look but the bag is also supported by environmentally-conscious customers thanks to the vegan apple leather material recycled from the discarded part of the apple, which is extremely environmentally friendly.

With a mini design, the Mini Megan Bag collection is a winning combination of Marhen.J and actress Seo Rina.

4. Chou Chou – Chic-Mood On

Chou Chou is one of the best choices if you want to transform into a cute, sweet, but still dynamic. Made of faux fleece, 100% recycled plastic in the shape of a small drawstring bag, Chou Chou combines modern fashion and natural ecology.

Many women who pursue luxury and sweet style love Chou Chou handbags. It is because of their trendy designs featuring the embroidered brand name on the front and the accompanying small bag.

5. Cindy – Young And Dynamic

Being one of the best-sellers of Marhen.J, the Cindy bag is a mixture of dynamic, feminine and stylish. Also, it is made of environmentally friendly synthetic leather fabrics.

With multi-color versions and an innovative four-compartment design, office women can flexibly mix&match Cindy with all their favorite outfits for a more lively working day.

Brand Ending

In conclusion, every product and action of Marhen.J aims at a sustainable message: minimizing the negative impacts on the earth and building a civilized fashion-loving community.

If you want to contribute to the global greening goal of Earth Day, let’s shop for yourself a stylish and impressive vegan item from Marhen.J.

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