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What To Hunt For During Black Friday At Maison RMI? 5 Outfits Suggestions For Year-End Party

At the end of the year, the sisters are always stuck regarding the question of how to stand out at parties. Here are some cool outfits suggestions for you to shine in the spotlight this festive season.

The humid weather at the end of the year can make girls struggle to know what to wear at upcoming parties. If you want to be centerstage at that party, the following outfit suggestions can help you!

1. Show off your curves with a bodycon dress

What women always wonder about is how to show off their hot curves without causing objections amongst the people around them. Understanding that, now many fashion houses have designed many tight-fitting dresses that show off the curvaceousness of the body but still look very elegant and noble.

Although wearing a dark tone, if cleverly choosing a solid color bodycon dress with a high length above the knee and a slanted flap, the dress can also help to enhance the figure and highlight the stylish taste of the wearer at the party. This is the outfit that Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc wore at a year-end party of DSQUARED2.

The red color is very suitable for the atmosphere of any festival, especially the upcoming Christmas. A modern short-shoulder body model from the DSQUARED2 brand will surely help every girl to capture all eyes on the party night. You can add other accessories such as gloves, big earrings, etc. to look more prominent like the actress Thuy Ngan.

2. Impress others with your charisma with a sparkling suit

If you want to get rid of the girly style to transform into a luxurious lady, this suit is the right choice.

For stylish girls who want to show off their slim waist and long-term sports training results like supermodel Minh Trieu, please refer to PINKO‘s way of wearing a short suit over a dark bra with outstanding sparkling sequins, ensuring that you will have the hottest party night of all.

Still want to be luxurious. but in a more feminine style? Then you can refer to the vibrant pink midi dress, body-hugging shape with a deep, but not too bold bust, by PINKO, the female singer. The actress Hanh Sino was present at a year-end event.

3. Elegance and courtesy with a shirt dress

The party takes place right after the shift… what to do? Office girls can completely apply the common denominator of elegant outfits to the party, which is the shirt.

The long-sleeved shirt dress chosen by Thai actress Suzana is a modern design of GiGi. This dress uses striking non-glossy material, which is not only a discreet office classic, but also a good choice for intimate parties with colleagues. This design can save you money and quite a bit of time to prepare after work.

If you are a Y2K fanatic like Russian girl Wendy, you can mix and match a long-sleeved crop top shirt with GiGi’s dynamic A-line skirts. This set of clothes will help your overall personality glow as it is trendy but equally elegant.

4. Lady-like and a little bit haughty with a classic dress

Year-end parties are filled with a sacred and solemn atmosphere. During the transition of the new year into the old year, a classic midi dress that respects the elegance and grace of the wearer is a great outfits choice for girls who pursue a lady’s style.

The classic and elegant dress from Ted Baker brand with sunken floral motifs, luxurious blue color and ruffled sleeves accents with a deep bust is a good suggestion to help your overall look. Serene and elegant.

Supermodel Minh Tu is like a princess in an ancient castle with a selection from Max&Co. The classic designs are extremely suitable for royal and luxurious parties. With natural drooping effect, seasonal patterns and feminine lines, your year-end party will become sweeter and more romantic.

5. Modern stand-out style with a simple set

Shaking off the femininity and arrogance, modern girls today often choose items that seem to follow the street style but are suitable for unexpected parties.

Just a simple t-shirt combined with COACH‘s personality skirt and stylized with pretty accessories like mini bags or belts, you can ripple and shimmer at year-end parties. Thao Nhi Le and Linh Ka are two typical examples of this healthy, simple but no less luxurious style.

The fashion brands mentioned above are all distributed by Maison RMI and are currently being heavily discounted on the occasion of Black Friday this year.

The Black Five Day program – discount up to 50%++ of Maison including Ted Baker, Max&Co, COACH, Dsquared2, PINKO, Weekend, Gigi, Ceci, PUMA, MLB, PEDRO, MarhenJ, Mujosh, SKECHERS, and HAVAIANAS takes place from November 23rd to November 27th, 2022. 

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