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Effective Communication Skills Course

Understanding that communication is the essential skill in both work and life, the L&D department organized a communication skill training course for Maison’s members in early October 2023.  

Every month, the L&D department organizes courses on various topics to enhance essential skills for all Maison RMI employees. The Effective Communication Skill course was successfully conducted with the participation of 40 students from different office departments.

Maison RMI

The members are full of energetic and lively because of the dynamic and humorous guidance from the instructor 

The course focuses on promoting creative thinking and fostering a positive attitude in communication. Learners learn how to analyze, criticize and respond to information systematically and effectively. This helps them ask important questions to enhance their understanding and create an open communication environment.  

An important aspect of effective communication is knowing how to overcome the barriers that hinder communication. Learners learn to recognize and address common communication obstacles, from the fear of public speaking to dealing with potential conflicts in a conversation. As a result, they can build confidence and resilience in various communication situations. 

Maison RMI

The course takes place in a dynamic and youthful environment, helping the participants to engage with high enthusiasm 

In addition to helping learners effectively convey information, the course also guides them on how to actively listen from the listener’s perspective. Learners know how to manage their personal emotions during communication while seeking the differences and empathy of the other party in the process of collaboration and building connections. Each chapter’s content is integrated with practical activities that allow learners to present their views, argue and contribute their opinions.  

Maison RMI Maison RMI Maison RMI

The course atmosphere was energized by engaging and enjoyable ice-breaker activities. During the process of “learning and playing simultaneously,” Maison’s learners formed strong connections with each other

Maison RMI Maison RMI

Upon completing the Effective Communication Skills course, the learners were thrilled to receive the certificates and commemorative gifts prepared by the L&D department

Apart from offering essential soft skills courses, Maison RMI also conducts more advanced, specialized courses tailored to employees of all skill levels. Maison RMI is dedicated to ongoing research and exploration, with the aim of delivering valuable knowledge to our members and collectively advancing in the field of fashion. 

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– Maison Corporation Communication Team –


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