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Training Course On Enhancing Management Skills For Mid-Level Managers at Maison RMI

In September 2023, L&D team conducted a training course on enhancing management skills for mid-level managers across the brands and office departments of Maison RMI.

The course aims to enhance specialized skills and managerial capabilities for mid-level managers. The goal of the course is to help managers improve their skills in planning and organizing work, including training, task delegation, problem-solving, and making professional and effective decisions. 

Over 30 learners attended the course and came together to share their knowledge and experiences at the communal space known as “Maison RMI”. From store managers who have been with Maison for 13 years to newbies who have just joined, everyone was very excited to participate in team activities. In this vibrant and energetic work environment, learners tirelessly took notes and actively engaged in discussions, demonstrating their commitment to Maison RMI’s culture of continuous learning and progress. 

nâng cao năng lực dành cho quản lý cấp trungThe course focuses on planning, organizing, and monitoring work effectively using methods such as PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act), 5W 1H 2C (Why, What, Where, When, Who – How – Control, Check)

nâng cao năng lực dành cho quản lý cấp trungLearners actively engage in group activities and discussions with enthusiasm 

The teaching program has been collaboratively developed and reviewed by the L&D (Learning & Development) team in coordination with instructors to provide middle-level managers with a high-quality course. 

Training and mentoring skills help build a scientific knowledge system for middle-level managers. In order for personnel to keep up with changes and develop themselves in their work, the role of managers is irreplaceable. 

nâng cao năng lực dành cho quản lý cấp trungGifts for learners are “How to Win Friends and Influence People” – a handbook on the art of winning people’s hearts 

nâng cao năng lực dành cho quản lý cấp trungAfter completing the course, every student joyfully holds their own certificate

Through the course, Maison RMI hopes that managers will acquire practical knowledge and skills to apply in real-world situations. Maison RMI believes that with such beneficial and interesting courses, learners will improve and enhance their professional abilities day by day in the future. 

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