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Training Program “Negotiation Skills” For Maison RMI Manager Level

On September 19, 2023, Maison RMI successfully organized a Negotiation Skills course for Maison RMI management team. 

The arrangement of this course reflects Maison RMI’s objective to enhance the management skills of the company’s leadership. Maison has partnered with the PTI Education and Training Organization to implement this program. 

The course aims to improve employees’ critical thinking and information analysis skills for the purpose of constructing negotiation strategies. It has aided learners in gaining a clearer comprehension of how to evaluate information effectively. Consequently, this enables them to make smarter decisions when participating in important projects with partners and colleagues, optimizing the value of agreements and creating win-win opportunities for all parties involved. 

Ky nang dam phanThe class provides an opportunity for learners to discuss and practice 

For the target audience of high-level managers at Maison RMI, each member representing various brands and departments with extensive practical experience, creating an engaging and highly applicable training program is a relatively challenging task for the teaching team and the Learning & Development department. The curriculum not only revolves around theory but also presents situations and strategies related to Critical Thinking, how to handle complex negotiation situations intelligently and flexibly, and how to develop effective negotiation plans and tactics… These are the topics that Instructor Ho Minh Chinh delves deep into through specific scenarios for each group of learners to discuss and share their perspectives. 

Ky nang dam phan Ky nang dam phanManagers consistently learn new knowledge and confidently share experiences 

Each individual possesses a unique negotiation style based on their own thinking and personality. Therefore, even though they may have a solid understanding of the theoretical foundations, each leader will have a different way of leading and raising different issues to explore the other party’s perspective in order to “understand others, understand ourselves.” The exercise “Exploring Negotiation Styles” is a highlight of the course. Through important negotiation principles such as ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement) and PATNA (Price and Terms Non-Negotiable Agreement), participants have discovered their own negotiation styles as well as those of their counterparts, helping them tailor their negotiation styles and use suitable strategies for various job situations. 

The course not only provides specialized knowledge but also connects and brings together everyone participating from various departments of Maison RMI. Instructor Ho Minh Chinh is not only a professional guide but also brings joy and excitement through humorous examples and highly practical situations. 

Ky nang dam phan Ky nang dam phanThe playful illustrations by Instructor Ho Minh Chinh make learners have enjoyable and relaxed learning moments 

Ky nang dam phan 8The Negotiation Skills course for Maison RMI management team ended successfully

In general, the Negotiation Skills Course at Maison RMI has provided managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to be more flexible and sharp in the highly competitive fashion industry. Every manager at Maison RMI is continuously improving their professional skills and management style. Maison RMI is committed to investing in employee development and will continue to organize similar training programs in the future. 

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