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AH23 – Fall Fashion Trends Update Course from PUMA

In August, the Maison Training and Development department (L&D) introduced the “AH23 – Autumn Holiday 23” courses to refresh the trending Fall collections of 2023 from the renowned PUMA brand. These courses aimed to equip the sales staff with a comprehensive knowledge of the products. Now, let’s take a closer look at what AH23 has brought to the table!

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The AH23 class is where sales store members can stay up to date with the latest trends of the season

AH23, or Autumn Holiday 23, has the participation of over 100 students from the Puma brand. It is a very special course as Puma specifically requested the L&D department to organize this training series for their employees, with the aim of creating an environment that helps them stay updated with the latest trends, understand customer preferences, and be aware of current popular collections in the industry.

The AH23 – Autumn Holiday 23 class by Maison L&D follows a teaching philosophy that emphasizes providing comprehensive knowledge without overwhelming students with excessive theory. The classes were conducted in a dynamic manner, combining theoretical concepts with engaging group activities. These activities included exercises to identify appropriate materials for different shoe lines, categorizing product groups, and encouraging team members to share their perspectives with the class.

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There are always discussion activities to encourage students to exchange opinions and confidently share with the group

More than 100 employees from the Puma brand have come together, connected, and collaborated enthusiastically over four training sessions. Maison always strives to create classes and activities that foster connections among participants. Regardless of the brand, every individual under the shared Maison RMI umbrella becomes an ambassador for Maison.

The AH23 curriculum includes an in-depth analysis of nine collaboration collections featuring renowned brands, labels, and artists. One noteworthy collection is the PUMA x THE SMURFS collaboration, which showcases the playful and vibrant blue Smurfs integrated into Puma’s apparel and footwear products. With its lively patterns and colors, PUMA x THE SMURFS is expected to generate high sales in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The trainers at Maison L&D are driven by passion and not only deliver comprehensive content but also embody the true essence of the PUMA brand. Love and pride for the brand and label are fostered and cultivated throughout each class.

Maison Online L and D - AH23 AH23 (10)

Trainer Kim Phượng ( Nội)

Maison Online L and D - AH23 AH23 (31)

and trainer Phương Khanh (Hồ Chí Minh) skillfully convey content to bring a dynamic and memorable lessons to students

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Maison Online L and D - AH23 AH (21)

The AH23 training series and happy moments come to an end but promise to bring many positive results

AH23 – Autumn Holiday 23 promises to bring a lot of interesting and useful knowledge, helping Maison’s sales staff become more confident in communicating and consulting customers.

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