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The “Sale Process”Training Program Series from Maison RMI

Learning is a long-term journey that everyone need to accumulate knowledge every day. This is what Maison RMI always aims for by continuously investing in and organizing monthly and quarterly training programs. In the month of August, the Sale Process courses were implemented and taught. Let’s take a look at how the Sale Process has brought value!

After a dynamic training program in July, Maison RMI continues to organize a series of training courses for the store staff of MLB, Nerdy, Skechers, and other brands. Officially launched on August 8th, with over 10 Sale Process courses attracting more than 200 participants from attending brands, the courses have been successfully conducted and will continue to be maintained in September.

With the goal of providing the store staff with a comprehensive overview of the retail industry’s procedures, the training courses have created a space for participants to share and exchange their sales stories and experiences. Through the courses, they can gather experiences for themselves, thereby excellently fulfilling the duties of a salesperson and providing customers with a complete experience from products to sales services.

Sale Process (10) Maison LD Training

Sale Process (8) Maison LD Training

The “Sale Process” training program is a place where participants can share, exchange, and improve their personal experiences and knowledge

Not only focusing on theoretical content, Maison’s trainers also incorporate team-building activities to help participants bond not only with their colleagues in the same brand but also to create a fun and healthy learning environment connecting different brands together.

Sale Process (15) Maison LD Training

Sale Process (20) Maison LD Training

Team-building activities are incorporated at the beginning and interspersed throughout the training hours to help members bond and get to know each other

In addition to the regular faces in training courses such as Trainer Phuong Dong (HCM), Trainer Quynh Trang (HN), there was also the presence of Trainer My Huyen. Maison RMI’s trainers always strive to bring practical tools and knowledge to the participants, helping them gather their own values. We would love all participants can spread the knowledge they have learned to members in their respective stores.

Sale Process (5) Maison LD Training

Sale Process (3) Maison LD Training

As a familiar trainer for newcomers in integration training, Mỹ Huyền has successfully delivered knowledge, experience, and the spirit of the Sale Process training to the employees in her first offline training session for an in-depth sales knowledge course

Sale Process (19) Maison LD Training

The “Sale Process” courses have been extremely successful, receiving positive responses and feedback from the participants

L&D team from Maison RMI always aim to create a dynamic and healthy learning environment to equip employees with the necessary knowledge and skills for their jobs. Maison RMI continues to strive and build impactful and beneficial training courses.

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