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Mentoring and Field Training Skills for Multi-Brand Store Managers of Maison RMI

In November 2023, the L&D department successfully organized a training course on Mentoring Skills and Field Training for store managers. This is a familiar course in a series of training courses for middle managers to review and upgrade new skills.

Understanding the tasks that a middle manager must undertake, this course has set the goal of helping them realize the meaning and responsibility of field training at the store. From there, they can continue to delve deeper into effective training methods and improve employee productivity. All of the above are aimed at the common goal of boosting revenue and improving business and service performance for each brand in the Maison system.

Maison RMI 1The learners participating in the course are listening attentively to the speakers’ sharing

This training session has received active participation from store managers of fashion brands such as WEEKEND MAX MARA, MAX&CO, PINKO, CECI, GIGI, PUMA, MLB, LUSH… along with knowledgeable and experienced speakers in the field.

Maison RMI 2 The training course received a positive response from representatives of stores of different brands under Maison 

During the journey of building the business, Maison RMI consistently prioritizes human resources as the “core,” always focusing on creating an environment for mutual exchange, sharing, and learning among brands to establish a healthy learning and development community. Therefore, in addition to the purpose of enhancing professional knowledge and skills, the fact that the course brings together many representatives from different brands has helped increase internal connectivity in accordance with the learning and working spirit that Maison has always aim.

Maison RMI The cheerful and exciting atmosphere of the course has brought positive energy to the learners

Maison RMI Maison RMIThe learners all felt interested in the course and participated in discussions enthusiastically

Maison RMIAt the end of the course, learners receive a training certificate to mark their efforts and achievements

With the continuous development and expansion of Maison, the L&D department continuously improves and designs many training programs for the entire Maison staff. Training activities will always be focused and deployed regularly, meeting the desire to build a culture of learning and human development in accordance with the spirit and working environment at Maison RMI.

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– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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