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Maison RMI & CKI Organize the Quality Assessment of Pedro Vietnam Management Team

Last December, the L&D Department had the opportunity to welcome representatives from Charles & Keith International at the Ho Chi Minh City office. This is a visit to the Vietnamese market of Charles & Keith Group, with the purpose of gaining insight, evaluating and improving the capacity of Pedro’s team in Vietnam through capacity training and field coaching programs.

During the first two days of the trip, Ms. Jacky conducted an assessment of the capacity development plan (CDP: Competency Development Plan) for Pedro’s management team. This is done to guide the team of trainers in the process of improving the skills, knowledge, behavior and attitudes of employees at Maison to help them achieve greater efficiency at work and achieve personal career goals.

Maison RMI

Figure 1. Representatives of OPS PEDRO Vietnam listened attentively to Ms.Jacky’s sharing

On day 3, in addition to skills sessions in the meeting room, Maison employees also received JIT (just in time) training, listened to knowledge sharing about: goods, warehouse operations,… from a Charles & Keith International operations representative.

Maison RMI

Figure 2. Trainers attentively listened to the sharing from CKI representatives

The next day, Ms. Jacky – coach representing Charles & Keith International worked directly with the L&D department at Maison and brought a lot of useful information about GUESTS and Self Leader through interesting lectures and exciting activities throughout the classroom. This is also an opportunity for the L&D department to receive many valuable lessons from theory to practice, have the opportunity to consult on problems, and hone practical knowledge to serve current work.

Maison RMI

Figure 3. Ms. Jacky brought a lot of useful information about GUESTS and Self Leader

Maison RMI


Figure 4. Teamwork is always an indispensable part in training sessions. All participants were very excited and worked at full capacity to get the best resultsMaison RMI

Figure 5. Not only did they test their capacity, participants also learned many useful lessons and attractive gifts

Maison RMI

Figure 6. The atmosphere in the classroom changes when trainers have the opportunity to express themselves in front of the coach and other attendees

Trainers from the L&D department not only receive knowledge one-way but also demonstrate their abilities by presenting to the coach about the Pedro product. This activity is to evaluate trainers’ capacity, recognize that teaching activities in the Vietnamese market still closely follow Charles & Keith International standards, and at the same time have improvements consistent with capacity and insight in the Vietnamese market.

On the last day of the journey, Ms. Jacky and the L&D team conducted field surveys at Pedro stores to provide direct coaching and evaluate operating activities.

Maison RMI

Figure 7. Representatives of Charles & Keith International and L&D at the Pedro store

Maison RMI

Figure 8. In addition to theoretical training, Ms. Jacky met with the L&D team at Pedro stores to evaluate actual operations

Human assets are an important factor that helps Maison develop sustainably, and employees are the bridge for brands to spread their image to the public. After the visit, Charles & Keith International and Maison RMI promised to have more positive updates and improvements to develop their staff as well as the fashion market in Vietnam.

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