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Maison RMI & Winter Fashion Trend Course with CHARLES&KEITH and PEDRO

The cold weather has gradually arrived, bringing winter fashion trends back at the end of each year. That is also the reason why the Trend & Look Winter 2023 course had the opportunity to “meet” with members of the Maison store last November.

Winter is a favorite season for fashionistas, the season when you can freely mix and match clothes that are both stylish and protect your body from the changing winds. Keeping up with this trend, Charles&Keith and Pedro gave a “signal” to the L&D department to organize a course to update Trend & Look Winter 2023 trends.

Maison RMIThe Hanoi team excitedly checked in before the class took place

Trend & Look Winter 2023 includes 10 online and offline courses with the presence of more than 350 store employees nationwide participating in the courses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The goal of the course is to help employees update the season’s fashion trends and grasp customer preferences, creating a playground for them to confidently express their own fashion style.

Maison RMI Maison RMI

The carefully crafted curriculum includes Ready-to-wear trends, color combinations, mixing and matching of clothes and accessories, naming patterns and effects in fashion, design inspiration, etc. ..

Maison RMI Maison RMILearners participated in discussions and presented their team’s ideas

Maison RMI

In addition to receiving knowledge from trainers, learners are encouraged to freely create and design their own personal style through mix & match activities, as well as express ideas for their products after discussion.

To make the atmosphere more interesting and consistent, each course sets a dress code for staff to prepare. Even though the colors are the same, based on the combination, we can recognize the difference and reveal their own fashion personality. The trainers also demonstrate the spirit of Trends & Look by mixing & matching according to the dress code in sync with the staff. In particular, the course was even more exciting when the whole class participated in voting for The best dresscode.

Maison RMIThe cute dresscode of the Hanoi team is filled with Christmas atmosphere

Maison RMIHCM team also has a similar dress code but mixed with a cool blue color

Maison RMI Maison RMI

All three trainers, Phuong Khanh, Quynh Trang and Trong Phuc, performed their duties well in conveying the spirit of Winter 2023 fashion to learners. The trainers stirred up a fun and energetic learning atmosphere, while also bringing a fresh perspective on fashion knowledge from Charles&Keith and Pedro.

Maison RMI Maison RMIAt the end of the Trend & Look Winter 2023 journey including 10 courses, the Maison Hanoi & HCM team took advantage of preserving this memorable memory

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