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Training Program “Guests – Service Process” Officially Launched On Maison E-Learning

In December 2023, the training program “GUESTS – SERVICE PROCESS” exclusively for Charles & Keith and Pedro brand staff was officially launched on Maison E-learning.

At Maison RMI, the online learning platform Maison E-Learning was launched in August 2023 and has become an important activity in the training chain. Every day, the L&D team constantly perfects the program, improves training content and continuously updates the learning platform with new knowledge and skills for Maisonista. This has made online learning a popular trend for Maison members.

Understanding that people are the core team that drives business development, Charles&Keith and Pedro pay special attention and invest in training courses. Recently, the L&D department has researched and deployed online courses to facilitate learning and monitoring the progress of brand members.

Listing some attractive benefits that the GUESTS program brings to learners:

  1. Inspiring brand promises, creating a profound impression, and a strong recall in the minds of customers.
  2. Commitment to providing the best experiences and building solid trust with customers.
  3. Specific step-by-step processes help develop a mindset in the service industry and enhance the team’s capabilities to optimize the customer experience.


Utilizing modern training document design techniques, the GUESTS course intelligently integrates the direct monitoring and interaction of learners into the lectures through questions, exercises, etc., on a computer screen or mobile application. This helps stimulate the positive engagement of learners and encourages them to actively learn in their own way, creating favorable conditions for them to review and retain knowledge immediately after each lecture.

Maison ElearningMaison RMI combines online learning and field training to optimize the quality of service provided to customers

With Maison RMI, we prioritize customer opinions and feedback. Therefore, training is the core key to synchronize services and meet customer needs, aiming to set the benchmark for a premier shopping experience in Vietnam.

Explore the GUESTS training program right on and look forward to the next interesting knowledge on the Maison E-Learning.

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– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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