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Maison RMI Launches Maison E-Learning Platform

With the desire to build a healthy and developing learning environment, on August 15th, Maison RMI officially launched its first online learning platform called Maison E-Learning, specifically designed for the Maisonista community nationwide.

Following the success of the L&D training programs for internal employees, Maison RMI introduces its first online learning platform named Maison E-Learning.

The launch event of Maison E-Learning on August 15th was warm and highly successful, with the participation of all employees at Maison RMI in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Maison Online E-learning

The personnel at Maison RMI showed great enthusiasm when experiencing this unique learning platform for the first time. With a focus on effectiveness, the Maison E-Learning development team actively collected real-time feedback during the launch event.

Maison E-Learning is the first online learning platform invested by Maison RMI after a long period of planning and development. With the aim of providing information and knowledge about the brands within the system, as well as creating a relaxing space for employees after stressful working hours, Maison E-Learning is fully integrated with convenient learning and interaction features, and is user-friendly.

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Available on both PC and Mobile platforms, Maison E-Learning optimizes user experience by designing a personalized interface for each lesson

This launch event not only aims to create an active learning community but also to promote the spirit of continuous improvement and mutual learning among the brands under Maison RMI.

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With just a QR code scan, Maisonistas can easily join the learning community and quickly share useful lessons. Maison E-Learning helps Maison RMI accelerate its training and development of personnel, contributing significantly to the company’s competitive position in the Vietnamese fashion market.

Due to these meaningful and ambitious purposes, the Maison E-Learning launch event is an important milestone in 2023, marking a memorable moment in the overall development journey of Maison RMI.

Undoubtedly, in the future, Maison RMI will continue to upgrade and design even more grandiose personnel training plans, such as Maison E-Learning. Stay tuned!

The Maison E-Learning platform was launched in August 2023 to help members of Maison staff quickly and conveniently access documents and information about the brands.

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