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Have a Merry Christmas with Maison RMI

The Christmas season comes and stirs up the Maison RMI office in the last days of the year. This is also the weekend to hold small, cozy activities and join in the exciting atmosphere of Christmas.

Without an appointment, Maison boys and girls dressed up with the main red-green color tone – the typical color of Christmas and mix & match with lovely accessories. A week earlier, Maison RMI HCM office decorated a sparkling pine tree and a Santa Claus backdrop with a cute little snowman to respond to the festive season.

Maison RMI Maison RMI

To help Maisonistas have a cozy Christmas, the HR department prepared a hearty tea break party and welcomed the members in the afternoon. As the scheduled time arrives, the handsome and beautiful Maison members gather enthusiastically at the party venue, taking the opportunity to check in at the backdrop.

Maison RMIOn the hands of the members are the “trophies” from the traditional Christmas gift exchange

The clock struck the party hour, and Maison’s members gathered in full force to enjoy a delightful tea party with fragrant treats ranging from cupcakes, brownies, and egg tarts to yogurt and milk tea. It was also an occasion for everyone to come together, chat, and share joy.

Maison RMI

The enticing pastry floor attracts every gaze as soon as you step in, topped with a standout pine tree-shaped cake

Maison RMI

Numerous colorful types of cakes are arranged in an eye-catching display

Maison RMI Maison RMI Maisonistas have the opportunity to share joy and stories on the festival day

Additionally, Maison RMI collaborates with UOB to organize a lucky draw program exclusively for Maison employees when conducting workplace environment surveys. Members will have the opportunity to receive shopping vouchers at Maison Online with a considerable value, attracting a large number of participants.

Maison RMI

Not inferior to the Ho Chi Minh office, the Hanoi office also held an intimate party to celebrate Christmas early. The members in the outstanding blue – red dress code eagerly attended the small party with drinks and cakes. In particular, Santa Claus appeared to deliver gifts to Maisonistas.

Maison RMI Red color filled the Maison RMI Hanoi office

Maison RMI Santa Claus came to join the Maisonistas

Maison RMI Maison RMI The cakes are decorated with a strong Christmas atmosphere

Maison RMI hopes that in warm and intimate gatherings like these, you can set aside all the stresses and fatigue of everyday life. However, the months working at Maison will become beautiful memories deeply stored in your mind, where everyone can enjoy meaningful moments together.

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