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SKECHERS – The Sports Brand Of Global Citizens

Since its launch, Skechers has become a leading brand in the global sportswear industry. Whoever you are, whatever your job is, and wherever you come from, Skechers has a suitable design for your style.

Founded to serve the world

From the very first day of its establishment, Skechers has paved the way to becoming a global brand. Since 1992, Skechers has gradually spread its name by distributing in more than 160 countries and territories including the US, Brazil, Canada, and across Europe, as well as through joint ventures in Asia.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensLabeling ‘Made in USA’ on each design is a commitment to users as product quality is one of the standards that Skechers concerns itself with the most.

Fashion lovers consider Skechers a complete lifestyle brand because they can find a full range of fashion items, from shoes and clothes to accessories, in one Skechers store.

Born to improve and thrive

In other words, Skechers are born to innovate continuously. With more than 20 years of evaluation, data collection, and constant development, Skechers offers customers a wide variety of different product lines to choose from.

1. Lifestyle

Go Foam – Nothing is more suitable to wear in the summer than a pair of shoes with a range of eye-catching colors that are both fashionable and comfortable. Non-slip soles and Luxe Foam cushioning will support your feet.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensSkechers’ versatility is evident in this design.

2. Performance

Go Walk, Go Run, Golf, and Fitness are all collections designed specifically for sports activities. In particular, the brand has researched and produced shoes with removable soles, which are easy and convenient in lacing and putting on shoes.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensSkechers GORun Pure white tone is simple but still impressive with the color range that makes the upper and sole more eye-catching. This is a good choice for fashionistas who are passionate about sports.

3. Kids

Skechers always try to develop the best shoes and become a soft stepping stone to bring children closer to the path of discovering the world.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensBright colors, comfort, and active support are the 3 criteria that Skechers offers for the children’s product line.

4. Apparel & Accessories

Not only at sports shoes, but Skechers also explores new things to bring customers the most convenient fashion accessories. Skechers are suitable for all daily activities.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensHoang Yen Chibi looks cool when wearing a full set of Skechers. She looks attractive, energetic, and sporty.

Founded to spread community values

1. Environmentally friendly:

In an effort to promote sustainability, Skechers has collaborated with The Nature Conservancy with a commitment to donate $800,000 to contribute to the mission of preserving the soil and water environment.

In addition, Skechers creates products with the motto “Good for your feet. Good for the world”. The brand utilizes recycled and eco-friendly materials while ensuring to create designs that are suitable for men, women, and children.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensCrafted from a knit (55% recycled polyester) fabric with a lining (100% recycled polyester) and an outsole made of 20% recycled EVA, the BOBS Squad sneakers are a prime example of efforts by Skechers to protect the environment.

2. Socially responsible activities:

Besides business activities, Skechers is one of the brands that focus on executing and participating in the most popular community campaigns. Every product and service that Skechers creates is geared towards assisting humanitarian causes, providing support for people experiencing natural disasters, and improving the lives of disadvantaged people.

SKECHERS - The Sports Brand Of Global CitizensThe BOBS Collection in partnership with animal protection and rescue organizations brings in over $9.7 million, helping more than 1.8 million dogs and cats at Petco Love and Wood Green.

Moreover, there are various charitable activities that Skechers has been executing to perform to support various purposes such as for children, eradicating cancer, and eradicating poverty. Specifically, Skechers started fundraising for the charity BOBS so that it can donate shoes to children around the world. More than 16 million pairs have been donated since 2011.

Brand Ending

With the goal of becoming the leading Athleisure brand in Asia, Skechers has been working hard to develop and improve products. Therefore, this brand is always a great choice for your whole family with 5 special attributes guaranteed on each product: Quality – Comfort – Style – Innovation – Reasonable price.

In Vietnam, Maison RMI is the official distribution company of Skechers with more than 8 concept stores nationwide. You can shop directly at stores concentrated in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Binh Duong, and Rach Gia.

Or you can visit the website Maison Online to shop online:

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