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CEO Mai Son & Her Secrets to Maintain Beauty at “Your Inner Beauty” Workshop

On October 29, 2023, Nu Doanh Nhan Magazine hosted a workshop “Your Inner Beauty.” During this event, participants shared inspiring stories about women’s transformations as they approached the age of 35 and discussed methods for preserving their health and personal beauty. 

“Your Inner Beauty” primarily focuses on the topic of women aged 30-35 and explores their inner beauty. Aging is a sensitive issue for women, and those who prioritize self-care often have their unique criteria and methods for maintaining and enhancing their external appearance.


 CEO Mai Son shares her secrets on how to maintain a youthful appearance at any age 

CEO Mai Son has shared some genuine ways she applies to keep herself looking youthful and beautiful: “That is through diet. Besides daily exercise and living joyfully, how you eat is also crucial in rejuvenating healthy cells in the body. We should consume a balanced diet with 85% of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and 15% from animal sources. Additionally, we should undergo detoxification to regenerate cells in the body, making them fresher and healthier.” 


With heartfelt tone, MC Liêu Hà Trinh gracefully kicked off the “Your Inner Beauty” minitalk, stirring the emotions of the audience 


Multimedia’s CEO Trang Le emphasizes the importance of self-love and nurturing the essence of women: “We need to know what we want, especially we need to love and take care of ourselves. At any age, it is important to maintain elegance both on the outside and inside. Elegance has no age.” 


Diệu Linh, CEO of Wonder Union – Weilaiya Vietnam, shared: “I understand that inner emotions are crucial. When your emotions are imbalanced, you may not want to do anything anymore. Therefore, consider your emotions and learn how to maintain a balance to keep yourself fresh every day.” 


Doctor Thuỳ Liên advises focusing on sleep and then on nutrition: “First and foremost, we must pay attention to our sleep, especially for every entrepreneur. Next is focusing on nutrition, understanding how to eat to ensure we have all the necessary nutrients, neither in excess nor deficiency.” 


Closing the conversation, Mr. Nguyễn Công Minh, CEO of Women Entrepreneurs Magazine, arrived to offer flowers flowers and commemorative gifts to the beautiful female workshop

The workshop concluded, leaving a deep impression on everyone who participated, especially the meaningful message conveyed to the ladies: Always remember that the most beautiful women are the ones who are happy and confident. 

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