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CEO of Maison Fashion Group Pham Thi Mai Son: Beautiful natural instinct

People usually describe those who have natural talent for art as ‘aptitude’. However, ‘aptitude’ is still so true when mentioning about Ms. Mai Son since she has a flair for fashion trends and superior business skill.

How many portions do you think Maison Fashion Group owns if considering the Vietnamese fashion market as a cake?

Mentioning about fashion means mentioning about a huge area, not only about clothings or accessories,… Thus, we cannot indicate an exact number.


For so many years, we all can see Maison’s success on the Vietnamese retail market. You are very good at reading and understanding customers’ taste, aren’t you?

Everything comes from passion, once you love fashion you will know which brands are for your customers. My own needs help me to understand my customers’.

Some may think I just spend time at the office, but in fact, I spend more time meeting my customers to discuss, to observe and to understand their shopping habits. We will provide them with what they want.


A firm financial strength is a very basic frist step for any entrepreneur. Do you have any advice for those who do start-up?

At the beginning, I was an air hostess  so I had chances to travel around the world, seeing how people dressing up at fashion capitals. The business came unexpectedly  15 years ago when no one think of bringing international fashion brands to Vietnam. I recognized people at big cities tended to follow trends and desired to buy fashionable clothings. That’s what attract me at frist and since I have always try to provide customers with all the best.

When you decide to pursue your business, surely you will have to have a stable fund. Besides, if you want to be successful, you have to be very passionate and never give up.


Clearly, you love yourself, have never tired of working, and know how to enjoy life every single day. Yet, let’s be honest, have you ever thought that you missed something in life, a family perharps? 

Everything has its price and I understand what I really need to do to balance life and work.

Thank you!

The interview and photos are conducted by Nu Doanh Nhan Magazine.

Text: T. Xuân

Creative: Hiepleduc

Photos: Bobby Nguyễn

Make up: Tuấn Nguyễn

Stylist: Sid Chung

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