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Happy 21st Birthday Maison RMI

On August 28, 2023, Maison RMI’s offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi organized a warm and cozy company birthday party for its 21st anniversary.

Before the party started, CEO Mai Son expressed her gratitude to all employees: Thank you all for your tireless commitment to make Maison RMI the best fashion retailer in Vietnam. Thank you all for going the extra mile to be the best you can be – whether that be in marketing, in brand management, in logistics, legal, BI, eCom, Finance, Accounting or any other team in the company – I can feel and I can see your passion daily. For that I am and will forever be thankful”.

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - HCM 5

CEO Phạm Thị Mai Son và Executive Chairman James Miles-Lambert

CEO Pham Thi Mai Son and Executive Chairman James Miles-Lambert

In the same spirit, Vice CEO Pham Thi Hong Nhuệ also thanked all employees in the Hanoi office: “28/8/2002-28/8/2023: A journey that is not too long but not too short either. The result of today is the relentless effort of the entire Maison team over the past 21 years.”

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - Hanoi 1

Vice CEO Pham Thi Hong Nhue

In the warm atmosphere of the party, CEO Mai Son shared some achievements that the company has accomplished:

“In the first 8 months of 2023, we have opened 32 new stores which takes our total store count as of today ot 152 stores. Beyond this we plan to open an additional 25 stores from now until the end of the year meaning we will end 2023 with 177 stores, 51 more than we ended 2022. This is a fantastic growth of our network and will set us up well for the future as we look to develop our brands presence in Vietnam – credit here to the leasing, store set-up and finance teams for helping us manage this growth. 

We have added 12 new brands on Maison Online and 3 new brands for our offline store network – credit here to our BD & eCom teams.   

We recently successfully upgraded the Maison Online mobile app with many new features to enhance the user experience and attract new customers – credit here to Pierre, Thomas and the whole IT team.  

We have successfully launched new marketing channels including our live streaming channel on TikTok – credit to the marketing team.  

Our team has grown by 1550 people – credit to Mr. Hoai, Ms. Khuyen, and the whole HR team.  

There are countless other things I could talk about – all with the same theme – growth and achievement. Maison RMI would not be what it is today without the hard work, commitment and contribution of each of you. Let’s continue to give our all to build the best company we can – to serve our millions of customers better and reach our goal of being the first Vietnamese fashion retail company to successfully IPO in Vietnam.”

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - HCM 4

All Maison RMI employees in Ho Chi Minh City raise their glasses to celebrate after CEO Mai Son’s speech

Let’s take a look back at the beautiful images from the 28/8/2023 birthday party that took place at the two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - Hanoi 3

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - Hanoi 2

Vice CEO Pham Thi Hong Nhuệ and the employees of Maison RMI’s office in Hanoi

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - Hanoi 4

Lovely and charming female employees posing with expressive gestures in front of the beautiful pink backdrop at the party

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - HCM 2

Maison CEO performing the cake cutting ceremony to kick off the celebration

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - HCM 3

The festive atmosphere at the Ho Chi Minh City office

Happy Birthday Maison RMI 21 tuoi - Hanoi 6

Compilation of impressive wishes from employees to the company

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