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Double-Decker PUMA x IVE Bus Stir Up Sai Gon

PUMA conquered the Saigon heat with a double-decker bus and 06 Starship ambassadors on September 26th and 27th, 2023. 

PUMA entertained fashion enthusiasts to a stylish Y2K-themed party on a double-decker bus circling the city, featuring the beautiful images of 06 IVE girls. During this colorful bus ride, fans had the chance to embark on a unique journey and soak in the energetic atmosphere of Saigon.

Numerous celebrities, KOLs and TikTokers including supermodel Minh Tu, Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 Le Hoang Phương, EVY, Ngoc Mint, Miina, Huyen Nguyen Hmeuu, etc, were present for the check-in event on this occasion. 

PumaDouble-decker PUMA x IVE bus with a vibrant purple-blue gradient color scheme that exuded youthful hues 

PumaSupermodel Minh Tu shines in dynamic Teveris NITRO outfit 

PumaMiss Grand Vietnam 2023 Le Hoang Phuong smiles sweetly in a cool all-black outfit

PumaNgoc Mint, Miina, EVY and Huyen Nguyen Hmeuu have fun together in the top of double-decker bus

PumaBeautiful girls explode with individual allure in the Teveris NITRO collection “worn by IVE” 

PumaTwo “mean girls” proudly shows off their unique personality along with awesome outfits from PUMA

Furthermore, DIVEs Vietnam are filled with even greater enthusiasm as PUMA has graciously decided to gift a set of 5 IVE Photocards with exclusive signatures to the initial 05 fans arriving at 7 PM on September 26, 2023. 

PumaV-Dives excitedly enjoy the cool fresh air on the chill night bus trip 

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