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2023 New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas for Maisonistas to Capture Every Gaze

So there are only 2 weeks left until the 2023 year-end party – Maison RMI’s most spectacular event of the year, will officially begin. Have  Maison’s boys and girls got yourselves any outfit and ready to shine? Let Maison RMI give you a few suggestions.

Under the powerful influx of sequins at high-profile fashion events, there is no doubt that this is one of the dominating trends in 2023. That is also why Maison has chosen the “bling bling” outfits with shades of blue, black, and white as the dress code for the upcoming year-end celebration. This is the period when almost every outfit becomes more radiant with the presence of glitter, sequins, metallic shine, crystals, and various other sparkling details.

More sparkling with the dazzling outfit set

Instead of worrying about having to mix and match shirts and dresses to match each other, you can choose a pre-designed set or luxurious one-piece dresses. Nothing can help you stand out more than sequins or metallic designs. This is also an opportunity for you to show off and express your personality, becoming the focus of the party.

Maison RMI

The black sequin bodycon dress that hugs the body and shows off seductive curves is a suggestion for girls who like a bit of a sexy look but are still classy. The delicate cut-out detail at the back will highlight the entire graceful back

Maison RMI

In PINKO design, the top is a plain fabric styled with ruffles like a flower, the bottom is a sparkling thigh-slit skirt that will make you as beautiful as a proud black rose

Besides, using a whole set of pre-designed dresses or clothes is a great idea for fashion-savvy girls without the need to rack their brains to find each item separately for coordination.

Maison RMI

Instead of choosing the safe black-white tone, the mysterious blue color will make you stand out more and not be picky about your skin tone. By adding some accessories like rings and earrings, you can easily take the spotlight

Maison RMI

For those who prefer an elegant white set, you can add a bling bling bralette inside as a highlight, combined with a pearl necklace will make you look more luxurious

Maison RMI

Jumpsuit is also an ideal choice that is both safe and comfortable for girls to paint the town red

Take the “light” material to another level with a sequin skirt

Not only can it be used on party nights, this is also an item you can use many times without having to worry about keeping it in the closet all year round. Luxurious but no less personal, sequin skirts are easily combined with hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, crop tops,… to create many different styles.

Maison RMI

It can be said that the shirt is the most popular shirt shape when paired with a sequin skirt, accentuated with a lovely evening clutch and high heels to add a well-dressed look

Maison RMI

More personality when choosing a black shirt, wearing a power vest and high boots will be suitable for girls who are passionate about the girl-boss style

Sparkling is not just for the girls

It is said that bling bling dresses are only for girls, but fashionable guys from Maison can also shine just as brightly.

Suits are certainly the top priority of men in big and important events. The DSQUARED2 design is stylized with sequin details on the front, making you both elegant and outstanding

Maison RMI

More glamorous with a sparkling shirt combined with leather pants, glasses and a necklace looks like a true “party” look

Highlight with bling bling accessories

Not only clothes, you can also make yourself more brilliant with accessories. From hair accessories to jewelry, wallets, shoes,… these are all “treasures” that help make girls and boys look more brilliant on the night of the party.

Maison RMI

Use outstanding hair accessories in the spirit of dresscode

Maison RMI

Accessories are indispensable for a perfect overall outfit. If you choose a plain and simple outfit, adding sparkling jewelry, glasses, socks, etc. will contribute to the right direction of the New Year’s Eve dress code

Maison RMI

Besides, clutch bags and crystal-embellished high heels will make you sparkle from head to toe

Maison RMI

For guys, the sparkling accessory that brings the spirit of the holiday season but is no less elegant is probably a wristwatch

Maison RMI Refer to the sample outfits that are impeccably coordinated, including clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories from Maison Online

Wishing all Maisonistas to explore and find a style that suits their own personalities and truly shines at the upcoming Year-End Party 2023 night!