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Tips on how to choose the best umbrella

There are a few important things to consider when you are deciding on an umbrella that is right for you.

You need to consider the general weather conditions where you live as well as prioritizing factors for example such as: compactness, durability and style. Whatever your needs, here are some top tips to help you choose the best umbrella for you!

Weather Protection

The first thing people generally think about when they purchase an umbrella is of course how well it will protect them from the rain. The usual rule for this would be the bigger the canopy of the the umbrella the more rain it will protect you from.


More often than most it’s the strong wind that forces umbrellas to break or get damaged. When on the lookout for a new umbrella and you know that the wind is going to cause you the most difficulty it’s probably best to invest in a bigger and more durable umbrella rather than the smaller ones.


The size of the umbrella you pick has to fit best around you and your lifestyle. If you commute everyday on public transport and have a busy lifestyle then a smaller more compact umbrella will probably be better this means that you don’t have to carry around something that is too heavy or big day to day and you still get the security of knowing that if a rain storm does pop up you will be protected.



The strength of the umbrella’s canopy support plays a big part in how well it will overall perform and whether or not it is likely to fail on you during use, it’s easy to assume that the heavier and bigger the product more durable it will be and that lighter weight products wouldn’t be able to stand the same abuse however this isn’t always the case, it’s worth doing some proper research into your chosen umbrella as just because an umbrella may be small it could withstand a lot more than you originally thought.

Style and design

The final thought is really about personal style and preference. If you are business type then a more structured, classic mens umbrella with a dark coloured canopy could be up your street.


However, if you are more into your colours and patterns luckily there are so many different designs out there that can fit your personal style accordingly.


How to wash your umbrella: add a little white vinegar in the washing ponder and mix up, then wash the umbrella with this mixture with brush, clean the umbrella with clean water. Now, you have an almost completely new umbrella.


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