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These Are the Top Beauty Trends For 2017


According to Pinterest, over 4 billion beauty and hair ideas alone are available on the site. The team at Pinterest has rounded up its top-trending pins of the year in women’s style and beauty, just in time to try some of them out for 2017.

1. Natural hair

According to Pinterest, interest in air-dried hair has gone way up, with people searching and saving natural hair and shag cuts. Perhaps it’s time to give your heat-styling tools a rest, too?

2. Chrome nails

This mesmerizing trend makes nails look like a shimmering metal dream.

3. Silver and ash blonde balayage

Grey hair is in. Balayage is beloved. Pair the two together and it’s basically Pinterest gold ― err, silver.

4. Cut crease makeup

This technique ― essentially contouring for your eyelids ― is a dramatic, party-ready look we can’t wait to try out.

It’s a technique used to define the crease by “cutting” across it with a contrasting eyeshadow color and little to no blending. It lifts your eyes and makes them appear more open.

5. Head scarves

You can rock this trend as elegant as usual

Or you party style, street style can also be more dramatic with a head scarf

6. Microblading

Microblading became more popular than ever for eyebrow maintenance. The procedure involves a semi-permanent tattoo on the brows and can set you back over $1,000, but its popularity on Pinterest increased a whopping 255 percent in 2016.