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The ultimate busy girl’s skirt style guide

We know the fashion industry can be a little hard to navigate sometimes… a bit like that maze in Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire. Whilst we don’t have wands to wave and magically get our heads around all things sartorial, we DO have these handy busy girl guides for y’all.

Did you know there are 30 different types of skirt? Yep, 30.  You may be familiar with the A-line or the fishtail, but did you know the Gored and the Drindl exist too? 

Wrap Skirt

Yes, lots of other skirts LOOK like they’re wrap skirts, but only a real wrap skirt will actually BE a wrap skirt. Does that make sense? We hope so.  

Basically, a large piece of fabric with ties each end that you can wrap around yourself and tie up wherever you wish.  You may initially think the wrap skirt only has place at the weekend or on holiday, but you’re so wrong.

There are variations of the wrap that look glorious as office attire, such as this Peter Petrov example from Net-a-porter.


Pleated Skirt


We’ve got a lot of pleated skirts stocked in stores right now, which comes as no surprise considering they’re flattering for most to wear, iron-free and offer that instant feminine quality to a daily ensemble.

With vertical pleats from waistband to hemline, the pleated skirt can vary in length, colour and thickness.


Pencil/Tube Skirt


The pencil skirt thrives in the office environment, nay, it commands it. Stick on a chiffon blouse with some heels and you’ve already got ‘office style’ nailed.

The pencil skirt is very tight and restricting down to the knees, so if you’re going to wear it all day then we suggest choosing one that has a stretchable fabric. Also, the shape is not very forgiving so best suited for the slimmer and toned frames.


Mini and Micromini Skirt


The mini skirt needs no introduction. She’s been around for decades (started in the 1960’s) and she isn’t going anywhere.

The mini is playful, fun, youthful and often, a bit naughty too. Her sister, the micromini, is even naughtier! The brave can rock a mini, but they CAN be dressed down too.  Think rollneck, tights and calf-high boots. Granted, in this heat you’re probably more likely just to grab some Converse and a loose tee.

The mini suits those who have smaller lower halves, or those who want to really show off what their mumma gave ’em!


Maxi Skirt


A maxi skirt is a summer staple, make no mistake.  They’re loose fitting, floor length and usually made from lightweight material, making them the easy choice for weekends by the beach or a chilled park day.

They’re the Queen of skirt versatility. Avoid if you’re super petite as they may end up drowning your tiny frame.


Denim Skirt


Oh, well this bad boy is:

  1. Easy to spot
  1. Easy to wear.
  1. Suitable for most shapes
  1. Available in all different shapes and sizes.

The denim skirt is a classic – a girl’s wardrobe staple. As they come in an abundance of styles, you can absolutely find one that suits you.  They can be dressed down, dressed up, recycled and upcycled and even roughed up for that worn look.  All hail the denim skirt!


Broomstick Skirt


No, don’t go grab a black cat and pointed hat. The broomstick skirt is more common than you might think, you just never knew what it was hiding away in the store rails. 

The broomstick has signature creases from top to bottom hem – it wrinkles consistently for that ‘off duty’ casual look. Oh, and it saves time on ironing which is always a godsend.

Flattering to most shapes, these should only really be avoided if you’re super heavy on your bottom half. They’re usually floor length, but shorter variations do exist.


A-Line Skirt


It couldn’t get any easier spotting this one – it’s literally in the shape of the letter A, hugging at the waist and then flaring out at the lower hem. Simple.

The A-line comes in various lengths too, but we’re loving the mini atm. It’s a flattering shape for most as it draws attention to our waist line, whilst skimming over any lumpy bits we wish to hide.

 If you’re petite, try not to find an A-line skirt that is too long though, as it can make you appear even shorter.


Asymmetrical Skirt


Ohhh another easy one: as long as one side is longer than the other, it’s asymmetrical. Can be just one layer or ruffled layers – doesn’t matter. As long as the hemline isn’t equal on both sides, you’ve got yourself an asymmetrical skirt.

These look great on women with long legs to help balance out the dropped hem, but avoid if you have a small chest as they can over-power your top half.


High-Waisted Skirt


High-waisted skirts are incredibly stylish with a hint of sex appeal too.  They flow over your hips and thighs and are a super tight fit to your waist, giving that extreme feminine hourglass silhouette. 

They often (but not necessarily) have embellishments like bows or buttons at the waistline for extra emphasis. Avoid if you are top heavy as the large bust will only get accentuated by a high-waisted skirt.