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The Major Wedding Beauty Trends of 2017


You don’t need to wait until Fall 2017 to mimic these stunning wedding beauty looks.

Two big trends converge for this ladylike look: pink eyeshadow and monochromatic makeup. Two big tips: Keep your eye drops handy so there isn’t a hint of redness in your actual eyes and keep the rest of your makeup subtle, so the eyes can really shine. By matching your lids and lips with similar shades of pastel pink, you are creating a demure tone.

By giving your hair adornment structure in the form of pearls, crystals and precious metal, you still get that floral vibe, but with much more polish.

Let’s try this classic glamour with a modern twist look. Make sure your red lipstick has orange undertones and a semi-matte finish, make your cat-eye flick so thin it’s almost geometric, and of course highlight, highlight, highlight.

The outdoor, boho-inspired wedding of your dreams isn’t going out of style any time soon. Simply update those surfer girl tendrils by adding a healthy dose of volume (the new boho wave), and make sure your flower crown is beautiful.

If your wedding day is all about fantasy, then perhaps your nuptial makeup should be, as well. Take your highlighting game to all new levels and actually make your lids and cheekbones take on a high-wattage shine. We suggest layering highlighters to achieve this — so think about using your cream stick, your powder and your liquid formula at the same time.

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