Ted Baker: Sweet as Ted Bakery

Ted’s swapping paisley for pastry and florals for flours with his first baking venture, Ted Bakery, soon to be opened on London’s Pudding Mill Lane. Having proved himself in the fashion and lifestyle sectors, our self-raised, enigmatic designer is to don an apron himself, having quietly observed the rising popularity of home baking as a cultural phenomenon.

Specialising in artisanal handmade treats with a stylish twist, his 1700sq ft. space was opening on 1st April 2017, and promises to be anything but half-baked. A delectable menu will offer a large selection of wardrobe-inspired goods, such as tiramisuit, all butter shortscake and more.

As with all his locations, Ted Bakery has a generous dusting of Ted’s personality, mixing bespoke interiors with playful detailing and bold quirky finishes. The proof of the pudding, however, will most certainly be in the eating.

So, whether it’s a shirt, skirt or a dessert you’re craving, Ted’s got what you need.

Did you fall for Ted’s April Fools’? As sweet as Ted Bakery sounds, this announcement was simply #BakeNews, but all the cakes you see are real (and deliciously edible).