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Poses : The Angelina Jolie


Who: Halle Berry / Rusie Hunlingtun

Explanation : Hard to pull off if you’re not Angelina herself but worth a try nonetheless! Balance out a voluminous dress with the glimpse of perfectly tanned leg.


Poses: The Stand and Deliver


Who: Cale Blanchell / Jessica Biel / Sandra Bullock

Explanation: There’s something innately classic about this hand down pose. It’s also assertive, confident and ensures all eyes will be on you.


Poses: The Crossover


Who: Diane Kruger / Natalie Portman / Jessica Biel

Explanation: The crossover can verge on looking a little unnatural, “ oh look I was just walking and you caught me posing!” so team it with a coy tucking of a loose strand og hair behind the ear so all eyes are on the do.


Pose: The Coguette


Who: Blake Lively / Miley Cyrus / Scarlett Johansson

Explanation: This over shoulder pose is flirty and is sure to lure in the paparazzi – perfect if you’re sporting a backless gown or you’ve got a derrie`re to rival Kim k.


Pose: The Teapot


Who: Meryl Slreep / Audrey Talou / Kale Hudson

Explanation: This is a classic: one hand on the hip and shoulder raised slightly to reveal the collarbone making you feel elegant and empowered. It’s also the perfect pose to show off the all important diamond arm party.


Pose: The Clasped Hands


Who: Emma Watson / Nicole Kidman / Sarah Vessica Parker

Explanation: The “Clasped Hand” is truly age defying pose and instantly make you look slimmer. It’s also perfect for showing off that coveted clutch bag.


Pose: The Scarlet


Who: Charlize Theron / Julia Roberts / Megan Fox

Explanation: this is THE diva pose. The double arm exudes confidence and what’s more, designers love it as it perfectly showcase all angles of showstopping dress.


Pose: The Push Lean


Who: Victoria Beckham / Anne Hathaway / Rita Ora

Explanation: Named after it’s most famous advocate, Victoria Beckham, this post is super flattering and chic. Top it off with her tradmark pout and you’re onto a winner.


Pose: The Royal Wave


Who: Penelope Cruz / Sotia Vergara / Beyonce

Explanation: If looking classy is your goal try out The Royal Wave for a pose that even Kate Middileton would approve of.


Pose: The Curve


Who: Keira Knightlley / Jennifer Lopez / Kristen Dunst

Explanation: The curve is ideal for anyone to create shapely curves, the sideways turn creates a gorgeous silhouette and showcases the seductive lower back.


Pose: The Leg Up


Who: Amber Vattela / Kristen Stewart / Kate Bosworth

Explanation: if legs are your strong point show off your infinite pins with a slightly pointed toe an elongating effect. Team with a short dress and killer heels.


Pose: The A Lister


Who: Jennifer Lawrence / Lupita Nyong’o / Amy Adams

Explanation: this is the pose to end all poses. Equal parts classic and elegant, it’s perfect for an impressive dress and it’s sure to get you on the “ Best Dressed” list.


Pose: The Winner


Who: Audrey Hepburn / Helen Mirren / Elizabeth Taylor

Explanation: This is the ultimate pose! Need we explain more?!