Pedro & The New Colour Palettes

Different shades of colours express different kinds of personalities. Choose a statement pair of ballerina flats to express a certain mood for different occasions.


This lovely shade is a representation of clarity. Known to be a refreshing and stress reducing colour, it is classy and unique which will definitely lift your ensemble to a whole new level.


An all-time favourite for females – it is highly associated with a jovial style that exudes feminity  and softness. This subtle shade of passion that can be worn for dates

Light blue

A calming and peaceful colour that inspires creativity. It is for the free-spirited individual that loves adventures and enjoys pulling a look together with great accessories.


It signifies power and confidence. A timeless colour that is edgy and clean, which is perfect for work or off-duty looks.


The colour of love – it is an empowering colour and it is strongly associated with passion and romance. A flirty and sexy shade, it is perfect for date night.