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MUJOSH Stirs Up Year-End Festivities With The Opening Of The First Store In Bien Hoa

Appearing in Bien Hoa for the first time, MUJOSH stunned fashionistas with a series of trendy accessories and grand opening gifts that took place on December 2nd.

MUJOSH is known as a Hong Kong eyewear brand that is hunted by young people for their eyewear designs that have a unique, disruptive and bold design encapsulating the mood of gen Z. That’s why the first store that landed at Vincom Bien Hoa on December 2nd made Southern MUJOSH-lovers happy.

Located in an expensive location combined with luxurious light-tone design, MUJOSH Vincom Bien Hoa store promises to bring customers the best shopping experience.

A series of quality glasses are available at the new store, which is now welcoming the first customers to visit.

MUJOSH has been very well prepared for this exciting new retail offering. Spacious space, luxurious designs harnessing the main light color (yellow -white) and tone, MUJOSH entertains fans with many fashionable eyewear models and many attractive offers.

Not only satisfying the look, MUJOSH Vincom Bien Hoa also played big when organizing a series of interesting activities within the opening framework such as playing minigames and giving away exclusive canvas bags from the brand. Only from December 2nd to December 11th, 2022, customers will receive a 20 ml tube of Anessa sunscreen for every purchase.

Not only buying trendy eyewear models, customers also have the opportunity to immediately receive attractive opening gifts.

The store’s atmosphere was bustling with many young people visiting on the first day of opening.

With the criterion to overcome all limits of fashion, from simple to stylized, from basic to trendy, MUJOSH eyewear models really help the wearer to break out of their comfort zone.

Founded in 2010, MUJOSH is now a new fashion icon for the young generation who aspires to transcend the boundaries of the conventional and to conquer tougher challenges to prove their unique color.

Do not wait any longer but visit MUJOSH Vincom Bien Hoa store to get your own unique eyewear models and great gifts right now!

Store address: L1-07 Vincom Bien Hoa, 1096 Pham Van Thuan, KP2, Tan Mai Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai.

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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